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The encyclopedia / guidance

The main rule of Wizards World is:
Play with pleasure, and let others play!

1 What Is Wizards World?
Technical requirement
The First Step
Wizards World Rules
Safety Guidelines

2 The History of Wizards World

3 Races, characteristics and skills of characters
Time in game
Base characteristics of races
Life (HP)
Strength (S)
Magic (M)
The magic of Elements
Growth of characteristics, Battle Potential (BP), a level of the character
Race of Human
Race of Elves
Race of gnomes
Race of goblins
Race of Orks
Race of Trolls
Index of Devotion to the World (IDW)
The dark propensity

4 Fights, monetary prize for a victory, deterioration of subjects, traumas
Monetary prize for a victory
Deterioration of the weapon, armor and magical items
Distant fight
Hand-to-hand fight
Types of fights
The bestiary

5 Magical scrolls, items, weapon, armor, animals and resources
Magical scrolls and potions
Auction Weapon
Trophy weapon, armor
Magical Crystals
Mages equipment

6 Cities of the World

7 Weather

8 The city
The Mayoralty
The Arena
The Tournament Arena
My House
The Tavern
The Shop
Bench "From hand to hand
The Mail
The Bank
The catapult
The Temple
The warehouse
The Art Gallery
The Gallery of gifts
The Casino
The Clans Tower
Viverly-Hills, Vivera, the Gold valley
The Zoo

9 Hierarchy of wizards
Instructors for beginners
Black and Red Spots, Spell of Silence
The Work

What Is Wizards World?

Wizards World is a multiplayer online RPG powered by web technologies. Well, this sounds a little too wordy Wizards World is a game you play with other people over the Internet. Downloading is not needed, you just need to register.

In this game, your aim is to develop your character's skills, so that he or she becomes the most powerful wizard in the game. You will need WWM to improve your character's stats, buy weapons, armor, and magical items. In the beginning, winning battles is the only way to earn money.

In Wizards World, when your character levels up, he/she gets many new opportunities. He/she can take part in quests, get married, join a guild or get an established post, participate in castle assaults, take part in tournament, defend cities from monsters, move from city to city, become a member of a clan or create your own. Most powerful and rich clans can even found their own cities.

Technical requirements

Minimal requirements:

Connection to the internet
Ram 512 Mb
CPU 1000 MHz
Installed plug-in Adobe Flash Player version 9.0.45 or higher

Recommended requirements:
Connection to the internet at a high speed
Ram 1GB
CPU not lower than Intel Core 2 Duo
Installed plug-in Adobe Flash Player version 10 or higher

For proper work of games chats in security settings of IE7 you need to allow the function sub-frame across different domains

The First Step

First, you need to register, and then you can start customizing your character. Pick a nickname; choose your characters race and sex. Now that you are all set, dont waste any time, jump right onto the Arena and show everyone what youve got.

At this point, you are considered a newbie, and your characters level is zero you will see it displayed next to your nickname on the Arena. You can duel other zero-level characters, one-on-one fight is the only type of combat currently available to you. Later at higher levels, youll be able to go on quests and participate in group battles such as chaos, double duel, group fights, racial battles, castle attacks, etc. Combat consists of ranged combat and close combat phases.

We suggest you duel your Shadow before moving on to other characters. This type of fight is a practice round, if you win you do not receive an award, but if you lose you are not penalized, either.

Fighting in a battle is quite easy. Mark one of the circles on the left (your) side with a dot to show where your character makes a move. The right side represents your enemy, so choose a spot you want to hit and mark it with a dot, too. Now press the End turn button located between the characters. If your opponent has finished his move, the screen should refresh with the results of the turn reflected on the battlefield. Thunder signifies a hit, dots magical strike. Brown fields on each side show where the characters went. The image below represents the battlefield after four completed rounds.

- characters location;
- the hit has missed;
- the magical strike has missed;
- the hit has reached the target;
- the magical strike has reached the target;
- a successful double hit of both magical and regular strikes.

If none of the opponents has won in the ranged combat, they engage in a hand-to-hand battle. In close combat, you can choose one of the four spots on your enemys body to hit: head, chest, waist, legs. There are four types of block. You can choose one of them to protect yourself: head-chest, chest- waist, waist -legs, and legs-head. Please refer to the image below to see how close combat results reflect on the battlefield.

- a hit;
- a block;
- a magical strike.

After each battle, you will need some time to restore your health. To heal faster and hear the latest gossip, you can visit the Tavern. If you eat one of the dishes your health will restore even faster.

After a few duels with the Shadow, you should become familiar with the game interface. Now you are ready to take on a Spirit or another player.

When your pockets are finally filled with money, comes the perfect time to buy an EP (an experience point). An EP can be well spent to increase your characters abilities. One EP adds +6 to hit points OR +2 to damage in combat OR +1 to magic. You can buy EP in the building my house. You can also visit the Store and browse its huge selection of weaponry, armor, and magical items.

Wizards World Rules

These Rules apply to all players. Violators accounts may be blocked by the game administrators. All decisions made by the game administrators are final, no appeals are accepted. Being unaware of these Rules does not free a user from the responsibility for breaking them.

This Code of Conduct is subject to change without prior notification. Every new edition of the Rules becomes effective three days after the publication. The newest edition is always available here: (http://wiw1.ru/help01.htm#13)

Sharing registration information such as passwords and hints with other players is forbidden. Users are responsible for any damage done to their characters as a result of disclosing passwords or breaking the basic rules for Web security. Wizards World administrators are not responsible for possible losses in game resources, items, and funds due to the violations of this Rule.

Two or more characters that belong to the same user can not be logged in and be in the same city at the same time. For example, playing 2 characters in the same battle is violation of this rule, even if you exit and enter each character after each turn while the battle goes on, it is considered, that character is in the city.

Using profane, crude, or demeaning language in chat rooms, forums, nicknames, and character's additional information fields is forbidden.

Impersonating the game administrators and speaking on their behalf in chats and forums is forbidden.

Using or attempting to use any errors, or bugs, in the game software is forbidden. Such errors must be immediately reported to the administrators via e-mail (wiw@wiw.ru)

Using programs (e.g. bots or macros) in the game process is forbidden.

Setting up battles with a predetermined outcome is forbidden.

Claiming inequality of people based on gender, race, nation, and religion is forbidden. Advertising pornography, drugs, and violence in any form (i.e. terrorism, fascism) is forbidden. Insulting other players, moderators, and administrators is forbidden. Encouraging conflicts between players is forbidden.

Encouraging other players to break any of the game rules in chats and forums, discussing the methods used by moderators, and insulting Guards, moderators, and administrators is forbidden.

Advertising websites, services, and products that dont have connection with Wizards World is forbidden.

Using the game for commercial purposes is forbidden. Users may not sell and buy WWM, game items, and resources for real-life money or WWG. Users may not sell, buy, and exchange their characters.

"Flooding" in chats and forums is forbidden.

Discussion political and religious questions are forbidden.

Expressions containing threatening touching upon real life are forbidden.

Retardation of assaults of castles is forbidden.

Safety Guidelines

Just like anywhere else, there are cheaters and swindlers in Wizards World. These are the people who will steal your password to sabotage your character. They could change your password to lock you out of the game, spend all the money you have, and break the game rules to get your character blocked. WiW Safety Guidelines, easy to follow yet very effective, will help you to protect your character:

Rule 1. Under no circumstances should you reveal your password to anyone! WiW administration, guards, and clan leaders WILL NOT need to know it.

Rule 2. Never use the same password to access different online resources. When you register at other websites, such as other online games, or something that claims to be "an improved version of WiW", do not enter your WiW login and password!

Rule 3. Make sure you are logging in at http://wiw1.ru only! If you see similar-looking login and password fields located on a different host, you should know that it is a trick to reveal your password.

Rule 4. Do not download suspicious files to your computer. Try to avoid sharing photos and files with people you do not know. Every time you run an unknown program, you may be running a trojan that will allow an invader to steal all of your passwords, or even gain access to your computer. Do not follow the links that appear in WiW chat rooms unless these links are located at wiw1.ru domain. At best, you will get a bunch of pop-ups and your computer will freeze, at worst, you will download a virus.

Rule 5. Be extra careful giving your ICQ number to strangers. ICQ can be easily hacked and used to infect your computer with trojans.

Rule 6. Never allow Windows to remember your login and password information. You may be 100% positive that no one else uses your computer, however, stored passwords are often stolen through the Internet.

Rule 7. If you are using a public computer, make sure nobody is looking at your monitor when you enter your login and password.

Rule 8. To exit WiW correctly, use the exit button located in the lower right corner of the browser. If you simply close your browser, your character is likely to suffer a monster attack, since technically, he/she will still be in the game.

Rule 9. In your registration info, please use the e-mail address that you check on a regular basis, not less often than once a week. Remember that the majority of free e-mail services remove or block user accounts that have been inactive for over a month. Wizards World Customer Support will not be able to help you if your e-mail address is "stale".

The History of Wizards World

No one remembers how many thousands of years this world exists. Generations changed each other, sometimes quarrels between neighbors developed in short wars, but then peace restored in the World of Humans, Elves and Dwarfs.

Life in the World went on that way until The Dark appears. The most powerful Wizard who could take the world under his control with the help of lie, deception and bribery. Not all wizards agreed to be subordinate by him; the bravest of them struggled in Aradon, covered in mountains. There the troops of resistance were forming. Volunteers were training and improving their skills all the time. That could be useful in war against The Dark and his forces. Warriors fought with each other one-on-one to improve individual skills and feeling of comradeship in group fighting. Craftsmen made new weapons, erudite mages new spells.

Ancient legend predicted that only one hundred strong squadrons-clans uniting all races of the World could defeat The Dark.

Aradon. The first century of resistance

They say that Aradon was founded in the summer of 5503 at the place where three wizards met. Human DiE HarD, elf and dwarf , who were escaping from pursuit of The Dark and his troops.

The meeting wasnt accidental. The Spirit of Human, The Spirit of Elf and The Spirit of Dwarf were preparing it for a long time. Three strong Wizards decided to discard old offences and found a new city. They decided to devote their lives to liberation of The World.

Day after day the city grew. New buildings were constructed, the economics appeared, the government of the city formed under the direction of Mayor.
To support the variegated army of volunteers, support their families, and pay for the work of craftsmen, armoires, plowmen and cattle-breeders a lot of money was needed. Only few volunteers could pay themselves. They were the most strong, lucky and wise people of the Old World. They had the best chances to become the leaders of the New World indeed.

The main stock of the city formed the ancient dragons treasure. Its location showed The Spirits. Wizards with the help of complicated conjurations turned treasures in to coins, which perform the function of money in The World.

The life in Aradon was adjusting, though it was rather severe and merciless to weak willed wizards. Volunteers could venture none indulgence. Trainings were twenty-four hours a day. Every one tried to assimilate all new skills. Periodically monsters troops accidentally come across the Aradon and only by unbelievable efforts wizards repulsed the attacks and annihilated the enemy. Sometimes wizards had not enough forces to repulse the attack and monsters tried to hide, and then return to The Dark, to inform him about Aradon. Only due to the Spirits that lad rest of the monsters to the glaciers and sharp rocks The Dark didnt know about Aradon.

At the end of first century the warriors of Aradon instigated by the most powerful but the most foolish dwarf decided that they are ready to fight the forces of The Dark. In spite of supplications and exhorts of , in spite of warnings of Spirits, troops of half-educated wizards set off to face certain death

The second century in deserted Aradon started from prayer to decedents. The survivors swore not to admit such a mistake again and carry out the prediction correct. took the function of the major of Aradon and DiE HarD became her assistant.

Gradually the city developed. Owing to Spirits wizards with pure souls and intentions were founding the way to Aradon and joined the forces of opposition. Aradon became more and more crowded, more and more diffused it become, wizards become more and more powerful. decided to fulfill the first part of prediction and find ancient city of dwarfs. Legendary Dorican where wizards had to revive secrets of old masters-armoires and forge the weapon that will crush The Dark. asked who was the commander of the guards to search for the Dorican.

Aradon's map made by engineer-cartographer and talented designer wizard -SHNICZEL-

Dorican. The lost city of dwarfs.

more than found the Dorican; he got over the magical barrier surrounding the city. Dorican accepted and he became a new major of the city in 5618. Magic of new city differed from magic of Aradon. Knowledge of ancient dwarfs helped to create new miracles: Catapult, Big Quest, Casino, Double Duel, Taxi and Elemental Magic.

News about Light cities were spreading in the World and the number of incoming wizards grew. There was no possibility to hide the location of Aradon and Dorican. Sorceress who was the regent of the World set off for a travel. She wanted to find the Nodara. It was one of the cities of The Dark inhabited with Orcs, Trolls and Goblins.

Doricans map made by engineer-cartographer and talented designer wizard -SHNICZEL-

Nodara. Underside of light.

In 5622 the regent of the World and her loyal companion-in-arms track down the city on The Dark Nodara! attempt to attack the city and win over it from The Dark but forces were not equal. tried to protect his beautiful regent but died the death of a hero. He was exposed by terrible reincarnation and become the ruler of Nodara. The Dark gave him an order to muster army of the Dark. couldnt resist his Master and made an order for recruitment to the army of The Dark. Everyone who signed the contract with The Dark was exposed by reincarnation and become Orc, Troll or Goblin. The Terror came to the Light World. Most great and powerful warriors of the Light World started to proceed to the Dark side. The great army was gathered to conquer the Light Cities.

The fall of Dorican. The war between Aradon and Dorican.

At the end of summer in 5837 after several days of uninterrupted violent assault the forces of The Dark captured the Dorican. Dorican fall within The Darks hands. became a leader of the Dark army and the new major of Dorican. His army consisted of those wizards who voluntarily joined the ranks of The Dark. Light forces united in Aradon. Thats how the war between Aradon and Dorican started.

Victories of one side gave place to the victories of other side. Neither Dorican no Aradon could avoid the defeats. A lot of buildings were ruined and then reconstructed, a lot of wizards died in fierce fights.

The prediction of The Spirits ran that Dorican will be released from Dark forces after tenth demolition and dark wizards will get the chance to turn to the Light sight. The mission that followed was concluded by failure of Light wizards to beat back the Dorican. Fragile balance settled in the World. Attacks of Light wizards got exhausted and Dark wizards were not prepared for massive offensive. Cities started the preparation of special storm troops to continue the struggle. The base of such troops consisted of professional storm-masters warriors from new Storm Guild. The guild was for all comers. Only through several months of protracted fights majors of Dorican and Aradon decided to conclude an armistice. After that all Dark wizards came over the Light side and free movement between cities became able.

Elair: The school of wizards

To make the life of beginner wizards easier and clearer, give them a possibility to feel the interest to the life in the World, in comfort and equal status the new city was inaugurated. At the bottom of mountains situated half-way between Aradon and Dorican scouts founded a place with positive magical karma. Constructors worked day and night to present the new city to beautiful and courageous . The city of all races, the city of equal possibilities Elair! All beginner wizards get to this city and after the reaching the corresponding level and skills they can choose one of big cities for settling.

Elair's map made by engineer-cartographer and talented designer wizard -SHNICZEL-

The legend about Zaorn.

In those distant times mighty wizards , and DiE HarD started the foundation of the first city of the World. Travelers recounted about the beautiful city which was situated at the intersection of trade ways between far-away countries. People collectively called it the Masters City. The citys name was Zaorn thats how the magical spring situated in the center of city called. It gave the inhabitants of the city the power of creation that allowed the masters of the city create things that nobody could create after and before them. This magic worked no mater which race you belonged to. If you were an elf that wanted to be a jeweler or a human that dreamed of blacksmith's work, next to the spring any mastery was under your control.

In that restless times of violent struggle between Light and Dark for the influence on the World all well-known cities were enslaved by the Dark, captured by the hordes of monsters and dragons. Zaorn didnt avoid this fate and the magic of creation was lost. Dark forces couldnt use it, so they just ruined and ransacked all that created Zaorns masters. The road to the Masters City was forgotten and monsters settled there attacking accidental wayfarers.

Though, forces of Aradon and Dorican grew stronger. A lot of troubles overcame founders and their stalwarts: erected cities, trained novices to fight in the School of Wizards, steeled there skills on the arenas of cities, assembling powerful and experienced army. They overcame all attempts of The Dark to create hostility between cities, and could unite all races of Aradon and Dorican to struggle with The Dark and his armies, striking off all monsters attacks in the frontier castles.

Courageous and brave wizards grew up and became stronger. Once they found the road to the first city of The Dark. Almost all wizards know the further story about storm of the city by The Dark.

Zaorn's map made by engineer-cartographer and talented designer wizard -SHNICZEL-

The defense of Zaorn

A year passed from the day when Zaorn was released from the forces of The Dark. All that time The Dark tried to find a way to strike off his former headmost fort situated near the borders with unknown part of the World. He was searching for a way, a gap for his army of monsters and finally hi did it on the fracture of time, substance and space. In the fissures of the high mountains to the north of Masters City started to penetrate the first troops of his army. Day and night Spirits tried to find the spell of Magical Mirror that should close this hole but it takes a lot of time Defenders of Zaorn had to hold out and repulse all monsters attack for two weeks that should be enough time for Spirits to work the spell.

The story about defend of Zaorn.

The map of Wizards World

Viera. (The light city of hawks)

Soldiers and magicians of totem of Steel Hawks always were famous for courage, pure hearts and thoughts, loyalty to light principles.

In due course thin strings of clan legends intertwined, and wizards in them have seen a great prophecy.
The opened true terrified Hawks: Soon The Dark will appear absolutely close to a victory - it will find a way to bypass magic protection of Spirits and can submit charm by the evil weak minds of magicians and wizards.
The light cities constructed for struggle with The Dark, will appear on the verge of civil war when the brother will be ready to kill the brother, the friend will take a hand on the friend, the husband will go with a sword on the wife.

In a prediction also it was spoken about the wonderful city of Hawks closed from different directions by high rocks.
The magic of this place was so unusual, that charms The Dark appeared are practically powerless.
The only road through rocks leaded to the city, and entrance to it was protected with high towers.

The Dark knew about existence of this place and did not wish to admit there kind wizards. The clan of Steel Hawks has gone on searches of the forgotten city. And, in spite of all difficulties, there has come day when one of groups has come across the destroyed watchtowers that protected in days an old road to a wonderful place Hawks applied for the help to Spirits, in fact to open the way through uncountable hordes of The Dark and to construct new city which can accept great number of light, is beyond any clans power.

When the city at last has been constructed, strong light wizards have settled up in it.
Year later, Hawks have left the nest and have combined the rights on management of city, it has passed in federal management and has been renamed in Viera. To get in it wizards only should be with light propensity.


Tarnia has been constructed by hardworking builders in the best traditions of town-planning art, with application of the newest technologies.
And here, when the planned grand opening was already absolutely close, scouts of The Dark have found out carefully hidden in protection forests Tarnia and have grasped it.
Besides nationals of The Dark have lay their raptorial clutches on portals from Tarnia in Aradon, Dorican, Zaorn, Multipass and city of Hawks

After the message about guileful capture new city by The Dark, our wizards have immediately rallied together; have managed to forget about all conflicts between cities and between clans, side by side battled against forces of the Evil.
Large formation of wizards and magicians from all corners of the World, as well as predicted Spirits, has created that great force which could resist to infinite hordes of villains led by The Dark and cope with them.

From greater cities to Tarnia the Clan castle, the Cave of dragons and Gorge of dragons have been transferred. Castles are put on the reliable base and are ready to storms!
Also in Tarnia the new castle - the "Pyramid", intended for storms by wizards from 40-80 BP was constructed!

Tarnia is also city of tournaments. In city the Tournament Arena which on a regular basis accepts the best fighters from all over the World was constructed.

Races, characteristics and skills of characters

The world of Wizards is occupied with the various races living in cities:


Change of race of the character is possible only once - at leaving school of Wizards and flight in the "big" City.

Each of races possesses different values of the basic characteristics:

The economic life of the World of Wizards is based on internal currency - "coins" (WWM - Wizards World Money).

Time in game

Time of the World is absolute and flows independently for each of characters and comes to GMT+3.

Time of the character is counted from the moment of an input in the World (successful authorization), up to an output from the World or until the loss of communication with the character on a time-out.
Issue from the time that character has spent in the World, the parameters involved in time are counted.

Time of restoration of a live parameter of the wizard, and also time of restoration after a trauma is connected wit the time flow in the World, instead of time of the character.

If within 50 days the character does not appear in game, it is automatically removed from the game.

Base characteristics of races:

Life (HP - Health Points)

Hit points define a level of protection of the character in a duel.
At each hit by the opponent decreases the Hit points for some size defined by force of impact of the opponent and a magic ricochet.
When the level of Hit points in fight achieve the zero level (0 HP) the wizard leaves fight. In case of single fight the wizard loses for fight, in case of group fight - leaves fight.
If the wizard was last of battling for one of the parties, group fight is considered lost.

At defeat on time-out, the Hit points of the character decrease up to zero.

After fight Hit points are restored from zero up to initial value for 20 minutes. If fight has been won and the character still had some Hit points equal N,

Time of full restoration = [(M-N)/M] *20 minutes

Where M - a maximum level of a Hit points of the character.

In the Tavern Hit points are restored in 2 times more quickly.
In Castles Hit points is not restored.

Strength (S)

Value of the characteristic strength defines the maximal force of impact in distant and hand-to-hand fight at direct hit in to the opponent.

Force of impact in distant and near to fight differs for each of races.

The quantity of a loss of direct impact is defined by casual image from a range (M...S), where M - quantity of magic of the character, S - quantity of strength.
For example: the quantity of strength of character S=10, magic M=8, means, force of impact at direct hit will make casually chosen size in a range 810.

In distant to fight force of impact decreases with distance.
The maximal force of impact at direct hit on extreme positions of a field makes 55 % from possible, and increases for 5 % for each following column. .. The size of a loss in distant to fight in case of direct hit is defined by casual image from a range (50 + number of a position * 5) % * (M.. S).

The weapon and magic items influence final values of characteristics of force at calculation of impact.
Values of characteristics of things increase to settlement values of characteristics. I.e. if at character M=5, S=10 the aspen bow, giving +4 to strength in distant to fight also is put on, in case of hit by direct impact the maximal value of a loss undertakes from a range (914), instead of (510).

Magic (M)

The level of magic defines quantity of a loss to the opponent from a magic ricochet, and also the bottom border of a range of size of force of impact in fight. The size of a loss from a magic ricochet is defined by casual image from a range (1... M/2).The size of a loss of direct impact is defined by casual image from a range (M... S).

For example: the size of strength of character S=10, magic M=8, means, force of impact at direct hit will make casually chosen size in a range 8..10, the loss from a magic ricochet makes a random variable in a range 1..4.

Value of the characteristic of magic of the character without clothing magic items cannot be more than value of strength.

The weapon, armor and magic items influence final values of characteristics strength and magic at calculation of impact and protection.
Values of characteristics of things increase (or, in case of protection, are subtracted) to settlement values of characteristics. I.e. if at the character value of the characteristic magic M=8 and at the character the bracelet giving +2 to magic ricochet is put on, in case of hit by a ricochet value of a loss undertakes from a range (3..6), instead of (1..4)

Besides, the level of magic influences an opportunity of use of magic items. For use, for example, the scroll of the Hit points +5, the level of magic should be not less than 5, thus the probability of operation of the scroll will make 50 %.

The level of magic also can increase levels of Magic of Elements.


Mana defines magic abilities of the wizard in fight (an opportunity of using scrolls). Quantity of mana in the beginning of fight = 4 * (a level of characteristic magic of the player).
Mana it is spent at creation of spells (using scrolls). The quantity of mana which is spent at using a scroll is specified in characteristics of a scroll.

The magic of Elements

Unit of Magic adds 2 % of probability of response of one of 4 Elements:

1. The elements of the Earth - enables to strike through protection. 2. Elements of Water - drawing of retaliation. The loss is put to the opponent and is equal ½ of received impacts (loss).
3. The elements of Air - enables to evade from direct impact of the opponent (but to evade from retaliation at response of Elements of Water or from a magic component of critical impact (i.e. 50 % from direct impact) at response of Elements of Fire are impossible).
4. Elements of Fire - drawing of critical impact. Inflict impact increases for 50 %.

The pairs compensating each other: the Earth-air and Water-fire. Simultaneously the magic only one element can be used.
Wizards do not see distribution of magic of other wizards. But you can see the distribution of elements of bots (monsters, Spirits and so forth) in fight.

Example of indemnification of magic of elements: at one Wizard elements of Fire of 20 %, at another - elements of Water of 10 %. During fight at one Wizard the elements of Fire of 10 %, at another - elements of Water of 0 % will response.

The maximal probability of response of magic of elements - 80 %. I.e. If the sum of percent of magic of all Elements less or is equal 80 % the probability of response of magic of each Elements is equal to percent of magic of each Elements. If the sum of percent of magic of all Elements is more than 80 %, probability of response of Elements = 80 %* percent of magic of Elements/sum of percent of all Elements.

For example, if element of Water = 10 %, element of the Earth = 20 %, element of Fire = 60 %, element of Air = 30 %, probability of response of magic of Fire = 80 %*60 / (10+20+60+30 =80 %*0,5=40 %

The maximal percent of magic of each Elements at wizards cannot exceed 80 % (at monsters of such restriction is not present). If things of the wizard increase magic of Elements over 80 % excess is not considered.

Access to distribution of magic of Elements is received by wizards, since 5 BP. At School of Wizards of an opportunity to distribute elements is not present, it is added automatically on the basic magic of Elements of the character.

Base characteristics of magic of Elements at races (in %):

Growth of characteristics, Battle Potential (BP), a level of the character

In process of accumulation of coins the wizard has an opportunity purchases of points of experience (lvl), which can be distribute and redistribute between the basic characteristics (the Life, Strength, Magic), and magic experience - between Elements. Redistribution is made in "My house ".

Unit of experience (lvl), added to this or that characteristic, adds, accordingly:

+6 to hit points;
+2 to strength;
+1 to magic.

At addition lvl or clothing of things there is an increase in a level of the wizard.
The level of the wizard is underlined in the form of number after its name. It is possible to reduce a level of the wizard, removing lvls or things in My house ". At school of Wizards there is no opportunity to remove and redistribute lvls.

Levels of wizards also are considered at participation in mass fights, campaigns in Quests, storms of Castles, etc.

For calculation of many actions of the character (the input in the Tavern, participation in group fights, calculation of the tax to residing, etc.) is used not a level of the character, but value of "Battle Potential" (BP).
BP - the greatest possible level, it considers all lvls, things and money of the character.

For example: the Character has 3 lvls, a sword increasing a level on 2 lvls, and 850 coins in a purse. Means BP the given character it is equal: 3 (points in lvls) + 2 (sword) + 7 (the number of lvls is possible to buy on money) = 12 BP.

Therefore, in spite of the fact that a level of the character is equal only 3 (+7 for lvls and +2 for a sword), at payment of the daily tax to residing in the big city the character all the same should pay 2 coins since the tax makes BP/5.

Quantity of coins for purchase of experience:

Index of Devotion to the World (IDW)

The index of Devotion to the World depends on a constancy of occurrence of the wizard in the World. There is no possibility to freeze the IDW at any external reasons (holiday, illness, a vacation, etc.). Change IDW occurs without dependence from concrete city. Initial level IDW of wizards is equal 0. Maximum level IDW is equal 1000.

In the beginning of each month, as a symbol of gratitude of the Mayoralties of cities for devotion to the World, accounts of wizards in Bank will replenish in conformity with value IDW: on 3 coins for unit of an index. The quantity of considered units IDW cannot be more quantities of victories over real opponents (without taking into account victories over bots).

The events influencing change of the Index of Devotion to the World:
+ for arrival to the World and visiting of the Temple: +2 (once for a day), (for the Elder Magicians, the Elder Sorcerers, the Elder Mages the Elder Masters, the Elder Strategists, Elder Archons, the Elder Followers, the Elder Archmages, the Elder Titans: +3);
- for absence in the World:-4 (once for a day);
+ murder of the monster at an attack of monsters on city:
+1; - loss to the monster or a drawn battle at an attack of monsters on city:
-2; Black and Red Labels: IDW it is nulled and does not grow.

After achievement 1000 IDW, the wizard can exchange them in the Temple for one of devotion items. In this case account is nulled, and accumulation IDW begins anew.

The dark propensity

Not all wizards wish to act on the party of Light force. The some people would like to test themselves, battling on the party of the darkness. For them there is an opportunity, having found the dark Propensity to come over to the party of an army of the dark for the period of one week. It is possible to get the dark Propensity in a department "Special offer" of Shop in all cities of the World, except for Elair. You can prolong or receive again the dark Propensity the unlimited quantity of times.

The owner of the dark Propensity receives following opportunities:

It is possible to join racial attacks of monsters to the party of monsters;
It is possible to attack light wizards. During this fight other wizards can join each of the parties - light on the one hand, the dark on the other hand. As much as possible fight can join on 6 participants from each party with a level +/-10 from a level attacking, but not below 10 levels.

There are several of restrictions on attacks of the wizards possessing the dark Propensity:

the Level attacking can exceed a level attacked no more, than on 3 levels;
the Level attacking cannot be below a level attacked more than on 10 levels;
It is impossible to attack wizards with BP <15;
It is impossible to attack participants of tournaments;
It is impossible to attack representatives of administration and builders-verifiers;
It is impossible to attack Attendants of the Temple in city of their work;
It is impossible to attack wizards who are in fight, in a quest, on storm of the Castle, in the personal house in elite area;
It is impossible to attack the wizard if its Hit points are restored less, than on 75 %;
It is impossible to attack on the same wizards more often 1 time a day.

Race of Human

Majority of human are descendants of trailblazers, conquerors, dealers, travelers, refugees and other wanderers. As a result the lands of human show a mix - physical, cultural, religious and political. Human form all palettes of characters - rough and graceful, dark and light, cheerful and severe, primitive and civilized, devout and impious.

Individuality: Human - the most easily adapted, flexible and ambitious persons among usual races. At them various tastes, morals and habits. Other races accuse them of disrespect for history, but same it is natural that human, from them concerning a short life and constantly changing culture, possess also shorter collective memory, than elves and gnomes.

The physical Description: Human usually growth from 5 to 6 foots (152-185 sm.), weigh from 125 to 250 pounds (57-113 kg), the man are higher and heavier, than women. Thanks to propensity of human to migrations and gains and their short life expectancy, physically human are more various, than other races. Color of their skin can be from almost black to very pale; a hair color - from black to light (twisted, curly or direct); hair on the person (at men) from rare to the dense. Human often brag of the extravagant appearance and clothes, sport an unusual hair dress, a freakish dress, tattoos, punctured parts of a body, etc. At human short life expectancy, they reach a maturity approximately by 15 years and seldom live till hundred years.

Relations: Human so converge willingly with each other, as well as with representatives of other races. Among other races humans are known as "general almost-best friends". They serve as envoys, diplomats, officials, dealers and every possible employee.

Outlook: Humans have no propensity to certain outlook, even to the neutral. Among human can be both absolute good, and the blackest evil.

The lands of Human: the lands of Human usually are in constant change by new ideas, social changes, progress and the new leaders continuously going forward. Representatives of more long-living races consider human culture attractive, but, finally, tiresome or even confused. As at human such short life all their leaders are young in comparison with political, religious and military leaders of other races. Even there, where separate human - conservative traditionalists, social institutes of human change together with generations, adapting and developing faster, than elves, dwarfs, gnomes and Halflings. Both separate persons, and groups of human are adapted opportunists, and they always at top of political changes. In the lands of human lives a lot of not human.

Religion: Unlike representatives of other general races, human have no main deity-patron of race. Pelor, god of the sun, - the most esteemed deity in the earths of human, but thus it does not take the main place in a pantheon as it occurs at elven to Korellon Laretian. Some human believe more passionately and fanatically whereas others are much less pious.

Language: Humans speak in General language. They usually study other languages, including foreign, and like to diversify the speech by the words borrowed from other languages.

Names: Human names are very various. Without a uniting deity who would grant them criterion for their culture, and with a fast cycle of a life human in the social relation change quickly. Therefore the human culture is more various, than others, and there are no typical human names. Some parents give to the children gnomes or elven names (with more or less correct pronunciation).

Adventurers: Adventurers of human the most brave, impudent and ambitious among representatives of other races. The person can achieve glory in the opinion of the companions, having achieved the power, riches and popularity. Human in a greater degree, than other races, protect principles, instead of territory or a society.

Race of Elves

Elves freely get into the lands of people, people are always glad to them, though they never feel there, as at home. They are known for the poetry, dances, songs, legends and magic art. Elves prefer all natural and beautiful. When danger threatens their wood houses, elves find out the fighting qualities, skills of the reference with a sword, a bows and strategy of leading a fight.

Individuality: elves have more often a good time, rather than worry, are more likely inquisitive, than are greedy. With such big life expectancy they are inclined to consider events in wide prospect, standing aside and without worrying on trifles. If they pursue a definite purpose, whether it is an adventure or training new abilities, or arts, they can concentrate completely on it. Elves do not hasten to make friends or enemies, but both of them they will never forget. They answer small insults with the contempt, and on serious - by revenge.

The physical Description: low and thin, growth nearby 4,5 - 5,5 foots (140-170 sm.), weight from 85 to 135 pounds (40-60 kg), the man is the same high as women, but only sometimes man is heavier. Elves graceful and fragile. Basically they bleach-skinned and also are fair-haired, with deep green eyes. Elves have no hair on the face and a body. They prefer simple, convenient clothes, especially pastel and green tones, and love simple, but elegant ornaments. Elves possess unearthly grace and thin lines. The majority of people and representatives of other races find elves improbably beautiful. Elves reach a maturity approximately by 110 years and lives more than 700 years.

Elves do not sleep, as representatives of other races. Instead this elf meditates in a deep trance within 4 hours a day. Having a rest this way, an elf gets the same advantages, as the person after the 8 hours of a sleep. During meditation elf has dreams though they are more the intellectual exercises which have become by a self-reflexion for years of practice. In General language elven meditation is called "trance", or "a four-hour trance".

Relations: Elves consider people enough ignorant, and gnomes a little simple-minded. Being arrogant, elves do not press in particular other races, but they as a whole are polite and affable even with those who is absolutely far from elven standards.

Outlook: Elves love freedom, variety and self-expression. They considerably tend to soft aspects of chaos. As a whole they appreciate and protect freedom, as others, and own, and they more often the kind.

The lands of Elves: Elves in most cases live in woods in clans to two hundreds souls. Their well latent villages are combined with trees, causing a minimum harm to wood. They hunt for game, collect berries and nuts, grow up vegetables. Their magic allows them to receive from the earth maximum of food with the minimum expenses on caring about it. Contact to strangers is usually limited, though some of elves earn not bad, trading in skillfully sewed clothes and ornaments, receiving in exchange metal which they are not able to extract.

Elves, travelling on the human lands, are more often minstrels, the glorified artists or wise men. Noblemen-people compete for the right to take to the instructor-elf to their children who will learn them to fence.

Religion: Elves worship to Korellon Laretian, to the Defender and the Keeper of a life. Elven myths tell that the first elves have arisen from its blood spilt by him in battle with Gruumsh. Korellon - the patron of magic, art, dance and poetry, and also great warrior.

Language: elves speak in smooth language with thin melodic and difficult grammar. As the literature of elves is rich and various, it has given set of known songs and poems. The majority of bards study Elven to include in the repertoire elven ballads. The others simply remember songs from hearing. Elven writing, same smooth as oral speech, serves also to Sylvan - to language of dryads and pixy.

Names: When elf becomes an adult (usually it occurs on reaching him a century), he chooses to himself a name. Those who knew him in the childhood can continue to name him "a children's name", and he can and not respond on it. The name of the adult elf is unique, though it can reflect names of those whom he admires or other members of a family. Besides, it receives also a surname. Surnames are combinations usual elven words, and some elves, wandering on the earths of people, translate them on General.

Man's Names: Armil, Aust, Enialis, Hejan, Gimo, Ivellios, Losian, Kvarion, Tamior and Tarivol.

Female Names: Anastianna, Antinua, Drusilia, Felosial, Ielenija, Lia, Silakvi, Valante and Ksanafia.

Surnames: Amstakia ("the Star Flower"), Amakiir ("the Precious Flower"), Galanodel ("Lunar Whisper"), Holimion ("Diamond dew"), Liadon ("the Silver Branch"), Meliamne ("the Oak Bark"), Najlo ("the Night breeze"), Siannodel ("the Lunar Stream"), Ilfukiir ("the Precious Bud") and Ksilostsient ("the Gold Petal").

Adventurers: Elves undertake adventures for the love of adventures. The life among people flies by too quickly, and elves do not love it; their life measured day by day, but changeable from a decade by a decade. However among people elves can find to itself employment which will allow them to travel freely, following own rate. Elves also like to show the skill of possession of a sword and a bow or the big magic power, and adventures allow them to do it. Kind elves can be also rebels or crusaders.

Race of gnomes

Gnomes everywhere are known as excellent technicians, alchemists and inventors. Despite demand for their abilities, gnomes prefer to remain with the relatives, to live in cozy holes under abrupt woody hills where it is full of unscared wild beasts.

Individuality: Gnomes adore animals, beautiful jewels and any jokes. Gnomes have excellent sense of humor, they love puns, jokes, games and draws - the more refined, the better. Fortunately, they do not forget and about more practical employment, for example, about engineering.

Gnomes are inquisitive. They like to try all on the personal experience. From time to time they even are reckless. Their inquisitiveness does by their skilful engineers as they eternally search for new ways of creation of things. Sometimes the gnome plays somebody simply to look, as it begins to react.

The physical Description: Growth of gnomes makes approximately 3 - 3,5 foots (90-110 sm.), weight from 40 to 45 pounds (18-20 kg). Color of a skin from red-brown to grey-brown, hair dark, eyes of all shades of blue. Men prefer short, carefully cut beard. Gnomes usually carry leather clothes of earthen tones, decorating its elaborate stripes and jewelry. Gnomes reach a maturity approximately at the age of 40 years, duration of their life about 350 years though some live till 500 years.

Relations: the Majority of gnomes a little suspiciously concern people and elves, but thus they seldom test animosities and rage in relation to them.

Outlook: More often gnomes kind. Those who are attached to the law, become wise men, engineers, researchers, scientists or advisers. Those who are inclined to chaos, - tricksters, wanderers or freakish jewelers. Gnomes are kindhearted, therefore even their tricksters in a greater degree prankish, rather than villains. Fortunately, malicious gnomes as are rare, as well as are dangerous.

The lands of Gnomes: Gnomes build the houses in the hilly district covered with woods. They live underground, but, unlike dwarfs, happen in the open air more, rejoicing to the nature, the live world of the surface. Their houses are well hidden as by means of architecture, and illusions. Visitors hospitably accept and show them light, warm holes. The enemy never will find their dwellings.

The gnomes who have settled in the human earths, is usually diamond cutters, merchants, wise men or the tutors living in the human countries - usually mechanics, wise men or instructors. Some human families employ gnomes as teachers and tutors. During the life the gnome-instructor can teach to several generations of the same human family.

Religion: the Main god of gnomes - Garl Shining Gold, the Vigilant Defender. Its clergymen teach that gnomes should be careful and support the communities. Draws, for example, are way of softening of spirit and stay in humility, after all the joker should not laugh at a victim of the draw.

Language: Language of Gnomes which uses writing of Dwarfs is known for technical treatises and encyclopedias by the native nature. Herbalists, naturalists and engineers of people often study Gnomes language to read in the original the best books on the subject.

Names: Gnomes love names, and they may have tens of them. When the gnome grows up, mother names him, the father names him, the elder names him, uncles and aunts name him, and still he wins nicknames from all contract. Names of gnomes are usually variations on a theme of names of ancestors or distant relatives though some are invented for the first time. When gnomes deal with people and other peoples which "are more likely conservative" in relation to names, to the gnome say that at them only three names: personal, clan and a nickname. At a choice of a name the gnome usually chooses the most amusing. The nickname of the gnome is a combination from usual words which always it is possible to translate into General language of the human lands (or on elven if the gnome is there).

Man's names: Boddinok, Dimbl, Fonkin, Glim, Gerbo, Dzhebeddo, Namfudl, Rundar, Sibo and Zuk.

Female names: Bimfotin, Saramip, Duvamil, Illivik, Illidzhobell, Lupmottin, Mardnab, Roivin, Shamil and Vejvoket.

Names of Clans: Birin, Dairgel, Folkor, Garrik, Nakl, Marnig, Ningel, Raulnor, Sheppen and Touraine.

Nicknames: "Beer-drinker", "Fireplace", "Badger", "Raincoat", "Furovic", "Brawler", "Sparkovik", "Boot" and "Drake".

Adventurers: Gnomes are curious and impulsive. They can go to adventures to see the world or for the love of research. Orthodox gnomes can wander to struggle for a celebration of justice and to protect innocent, repaying a debt as to a society as a whole, and to the enclave. As fans of jewels and other fine products, some gnomes agree on adventures for the sake of fast, though also a dangerous avenue to wealth. Depending on the relation to a clan the gnome-adventurer can be the tramp or even something like the traitor (is obliged to leave the clan).

Race of goblins

Goblins - the former representatives of a human race transferred by The Dark Master in the city Nodara and subjected to painful changes.

Individuality: Among humanoid races goblins are one of the weakest, but the most spiteful. These are the small, hunched beings growth about miter or about it. The wide mouth is full of the teeth accustomed to any food, from beef to human flesh and drop. Goblins usually use the primitive weapon which is not demanding the big ability, and badly processed hide and skin as the armor, however, do not disdain the weapon, obtained in fight.

Goblins have very refined feeling of irony. It is sometimes so imperceptible that other races do not notice it at all. Though they dont have own cultural traditions, many of goblins have become famous, as masters of art of other races. Among goblins there are a lot of good, even talented, handicraftsmen and inventors - these qualities have for certain got to them from people-handicraftsmen whom they were earlier. Richly and beautifully decorated or difficult mechanical device seems to the goblin almost same charming, as a magic item.

Goblins voice is rough and their songs are disgusting to ears of other races.

The physical Description: Goblins have green skin, the pointed ears and sharp white teeth. Many representatives of both sexes there is no hair at all, but if they have, hair is dark and curly, and grow only on a nape. Their heads are strongly extended, with the big nape and the pointed chin. The body is similar ton human, but nails long and thin. Their height is usually 4.5 foots (137 sm.), they wear the clothes corresponding to a local style though sometimes prefer a little extravagant and strange dresses.

Magic - the first love of goblins. More than half of representatives of this race have magic abilities which they have inherited from elves. You can find not many powerful goblins-sorcerers, but fans and beginners - great variety.

Although goblins like to bargain a lot. They fair dealers, but only in certain degree. They do not lie, but not always tell all truth, seldom break the contract, but it is desirable for the partner to check up completely each word of the agreement before signing it.

Goblins - tricksters by the nature. For the goblin it is a great honor to bypass the opponent by mind. The lie and larceny are considered as too easy way. And guile and insidiousness - here true tools. There is no honor to deceive the poor man, silly or naive (though always there are unscrupulous persons affording it) but to achieve more from strong, rich and powerful in "the fair" transaction - here a way of the present goblin. Any person, capable to bypass the goblin on deceive at the transaction conclusion, is reputable by goblin, and other representatives of race. Later the dealer will talk a lot about these stories - even if him have been inflated. But goblins will double the efforts in forcing to conclude the unprofitable bargain someone whom they respect!

Relations: Goblins - not an aggressive race. If they have to take the weapon in hands, they prefer bows and slings, spears or halberds (not to admit the enemy close). For everyday use they choose the easy armor and the weapon which can be dragged easily with itself. Though, if necessary they can be brave, the favorite way of goblins to struggle against threat - simply to run away. Goblins groups prefer to attack from an ambush or to be a partisan.

Language: Primordial language of goblins has remained till now, though only gypsies use it.

Names: Goblins use both traditional names, and borrowed from another's languages. Traditional names consist of consonants P, B, DZH, T and CH and long vowel sounds - Baadzhikiil, Dzhitotii, and Tuvtekki. The majority of goblins use only one name. Goblins dont have the differences between "man's" and "female" names, so one of them can easily name the daughter Edward or John in honor of any person remembered to him.

Religion: the Goblins religion is copied from religions of other races. Even their first known sacred was only less blood-thirsty copy of god of Orks.

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Race of Orks

Orks - the former representatives of the elves race, transferred by The Dark Master in the city Nodara and subjected to terrible transformations.

Individuality: Orks are violent and gloomy. They prefer action to reflection, and fight to conversation.

Orks love simple pleasures a grub, binge, bragging, songs, struggle, drumbeat and wild dances. The refined pleasures like poetry, ball dances and philosophy are alien to them. On such parties Orks out of work. On ball at the duchess they are a source of troubles.

The physical Description: Orks are high, as people, but they are heavier thanks to muscles. A skin of Orks with grayish pigmentation, theyve got a narrow forehead, powerful jaws, outstanding forward teeth and a hard hair that does their lines rough.

Orks love scars. Scars for them a pride subject, and ornaments from scars decoration. Any Ork has scars and tattoos which are either shame symbols, or the symbols of pride describing victories and the high status. Such Ork living among people, will either show, or, on the contrary, hide the tattoos depending on the relation to them.

Orks grow up much faster, than elves, in term of their life is much shorter. At their way of life few Orks live more than 75 years.

Relations: Orks sworn enemies of gnomes and elves. But they are not in the better relations with people. However if the Ork lives among people that is very big rarity, he tries to find a way to achieve recognitions of those who hates or is afraid of him and his relatives. Some of them try not to be allocated, not to draw to themselves attention. Others simply are so rough that others have no other way but to except and recognize them.

Outlook: Orks are attached to chaos, but, like others, they are inclined neither to good, nor to bad. Orks usually spiteful, but exceptions happen among them.

The land of Orks: Orks has no own countries. They, basically, live in a city Dark - Nodara and arrange attacks on the lands of people, elves and gnomes for the sake of a profit and in attempt to bring under their will a free city.

Religion: Orks worship to Gruumsh - the main god of Orks and sworn enemy of Korellon Laretian, god elves. Though Gruumsh is spiteful, barbarians and soldiers of Orks can worship to it as to the war god, even if they on outlook not evil. Believing in Gruumsh are those who has bothered to justify, or those who does not want to allow people not to trust an occasion to them, simply without declaring to all their religion. On the other hand, Orks, wishing to strengthen the connection with people, worship to human gods, showing sincere piety, but such cases are extremely rare.

Adventurers: Orks living among people are compelled to be engaged in such business where they can apply the force in the best way. They are simply not led to elves and gnomes run from them, disappearing in the mountains. Often Orks avoid cultural people, and find understanding and friendship among adventurers, wanderers and derelicts.

Race of Trolls

Trolls - the former representatives of the gnomes transferred by The Dark Master in the city Nodara and subjected the terrible transformations. Religion: it is paradoxical but trolls have a religion. The Khvaj-troll - god of fire, Ghnomb - meal, Ghvorg - war, Shlii - ice and Zoka - fertility. Moreover, if trolls have got gods they have also their attendants, - such trolls "priesthood". But never, any trolls had "kings". Ghnomb - the trolls god of meal would answer such assumption so:

"Trolls do not have kings! All of us hunt in one pack or everyone alone there, where is lot of good food. And your thoughts for a stomach-in-head - as bad food for a stomach-in-stomach. If you offer us bad food, we will cause you PAIN! Give us good food."

In all cases traditional for trolls remain: The big strength, dexterity and life expectancy, preference from meal - meat (it is better fresh), not too a high intellect; their very especial, culture. Their traditional weapon - a cudgel or a stone axe.

Trolls can be several kinds:

The mountain Trolls. The most widespread tribe, it is possible to meet them almost in any mountains. Mountain trolls live in the big mountain caves always hidden from eyes of the human. Mountain trolls usually live by three or four on a cave. These trolls have occurred from rock, therefore on the sun turn back to it. But the person will never see the hardened troll. Its mates carry away at once the troll to rest. Though these trolls put the customs on the first place, nevertheless very good and furious fighters.

Swamp trolls. They live not in swamp, but near to them, eat that gives them a swamp and, of course, unlucky travelers. It always strongly stinks from these kinds of trolls, therefore their den is easy to find. And their den is more often a tent or a mud hole. To swamp trolls the sun is not terrible, though it still is not known yet. They live on such swamps where the sun does not get and where always reigns magical twilight. Trolls are got rid from other World and do not leave in it. Very often these trolls possess miracle force or any artifact; where they take it - remains a riddle, but clever people assume that they are born with it. And they are born from swamps; the swamp sometimes, very seldom, gives rise to the swamp troll. On a decline when it becomes very dark around, the troll walks from the swamp in stately manner. They live more often alone, therefore they are so easy to fall down.

On the rivers live river trolls. These trolls still are named trolls of the bridge as they settle under the bridge and if there is no bridge, build it. They live on these bridges, repair constantly, and take a payment from people who pass it, on this money he lives. You know, very often in a dark woods it is possible to find rather good bridge. Do you remember? So, this bridge was constructed by trolls, they thought that people will come across the bridge, but nobody did and consequently they have left it. Nobody knows where they have come from, just com to villages and blackmail the people on bridges.

Oak trolls - the huge beings similar to oak trunks. When they, as usual, motionlessly stiffen on a place, they really look like trees and, suspecting nothing, pass it by. Only if oak trolls start to move, it is possible to distinguish their hands similar to clumsy boughs, and curve root-like feet. They possess huge force, but are completely not dangerous. To throw out with the lost the way traveler any innocent joke - here the worst, on what they are capable However you shouldnt them to trust: their innocent jokes are harmless only from their point of view.

Basically in world WIW mountain and river trolls are extended.

Growth: growth they less than primordial gnomes, however in fight possess ferocity and firmness of a stone.

Fights, monetary prize for a victory, deterioration of subjects, traumas

At School of Wizards (Elair) to spend (individual fight between two wizards) it is possible for duel only with opponents of the level.

In "greater" cities the rule " Less 1:2 " opponents - enter Duel the wizard can only in the event that his current level and a level of his opponent differ less, than in 2 times. For example, if the wizard has exposed the application 3-rd level join it can wizards of 2-nd, 3-rd, 4-th and 5-th level. Wizards of 1-st or 6-th level cannot join the specified application for Duel.

Repeated Duel is possible not earlier, than in 1 hour.

The wizard with negative quantity of coins cannot submit or accept the application for fight. For participation in fights it is necessary to sell any thing from the Bag or point of experience to drop out from a minus. For participation in fight health of the Wizard should be not less than 75 % from the maximal value.

At School of Wizards (Elair), unlike other Cities of the World if the wizard has a negative balance of money it is restored in a zero automatically within 2 minutes in case of absence scrolls or potions. If the wizard has scrolls or potions he should compensate a minus independently, having sold a part from them.

Monetary prize for a victory

On the Arena wizards earn coins in battles with each other or with Spirits.

Cost expression of a prize of single fight to in direct ratio current level of the opponent and in inverse proportion to a level of your character. ., the more strongly your opponent in relation to you, more coins you receive in case of a victory. From the other hand, weaker your opponent is, lesser money you receive, having won him.

In case of loss of the fight, part of a prize of the opponent is covered with the lost wizard, and the other part is covered with the Mayoralty: for wizards with Battle Potential 0 - all loss becomes covered by the Mayoralty; for wizards with Battle Potential it is less 5 - 25 % are covered with the wizard, and 75 % become covered by the Mayoralty; for wizards with Battle Potential it is more 5, but it is less 10 - 34 % are covered with the wizard, and 66 % become covered by the Mayoralty; for wizards with Battle Potential it is more 10 - 50 % are covered with the wizard, and 50 % Becomes covered by the Mayoralty. In case of Black or Red Labels 100 % of loss the wizard covers.

In case of mass fight each character gets the quantity of coins proportionally to the number of health points that he hit from his opponents.

The monetary prize for a victory over Spirit makes 1/3 from similar fight with the real opponent. The penalty for defeat from Spirits completely becomes covered from a purse of the character.

The monetary prize/penalty at fight with the Shadow is absent, and characteristics of the character at once are restored up to a proceeding the battle level, except for a case of reception of a trauma.

Deterioration of the weapon, armor and magical items

After each fight all things, which have been put on the character (the weapon, armor, and magical items) receive 1 % of deterioration. The percent of deterioration means, that in such percent of cases the thing does not work. For example, if the percent of deterioration is equal 10 %, means, the thing does not work in 10 % of cases and works in 90 %. At achievement of 100 % of deterioration the subject is removed from the character and disappears.
The deterioration does not influence work of crystals and scrolls which wizard receives together with a thing.

Restoration of things is available in "My house":

Cost = 0,2*level of deterioration*level of the thing,
where level of the thing - quantity of lvl, added by a thing. If quantity of lvl is 0 value 1 undertakes.

Distant fight

Distant fight is spent on a game floor in the size (36) x20 cells. At initial levels fights are spent on a floor in height of 3 cells, the height of a field can increase, depending on characteristics of wizards: increase the width of a field can things specially intended for it (for example, boots of the magician) or riding animals.

In the beginning of fight the wizard has an opportunity to choose on a floor of battle one of 3 points in a current column where he is going to move, and one of 3 points of a column on a position of the opponent where he strikes. After a choice of these two points and pressing button "run" inquiry is transferred to a game server and the course from the opponent is expected.
After reception by a server of inquiries from both parties calculation of a loss (reduction of Hit points ) each wizard is carried out and for everyone the new page of a current condition of fight with the instruction of moving of new possible zones of movement/impact on one column aside the center is formed.

The maximal force of impact at direct hit on extreme positions of a field makes 55 % from possible, and increases for 5 % for each following column. The loss of a magic ricochet does not depend on distance. A place and force of a magic ricochet - a random variable.

., the size of a loss in distant to fight in case of direct hit is defined by casual image from a range (50 + number of a position * 5) % * (M... S), the size of a loss of a magic ricochet is defined by casual image from a range (1... M/2).

Last course of distant fight when positions of contenders approach closely is considered. If after that Hit points of any of wizards have not reached a course 0, battle passes in a phase of hand-to-hand fight.

In figure below the field of distant fight of an initial level with positions of wizards after the first course and marks about impact and a magic ricochet is represented. Your character always at the left, and the character of your opponent - on the right. Accordingly, on a green game floor you move from left to right, and the opponent - from right to left. The loss is put to the wizard when the place of impact and-or a magic ricochet coincides with a place of the wizard on a floor of battle.

- characters location;
- the hit has missed;
- the magical strike has missed;
- the hit has reached the target;
- the magical strike has reached the target;
- a successful double hit of both magical and regular strikes.

Hand-to-hand fight

In hand-to-hand fight each of wizards makes a choice of impact in one of 4 points of the opponent:
the head,
the body,
the waist,

and a zone of protection of the character:

the head-body,
the body-waist,
the waist-legs,
the legs-head.

After a mutual exchange of impacts there is a recalculation of the remained Hit points of each wizard. Fight lasts until achievement of a zero of one of wizards.

The magic ricochet is put by casual image and only in case of direct hit in not protected zone of the opponent.

In figure below the field of hand-to-hand fight with positions of characters after the first course and marks about impact and protection are represented. Your character always at the left, and your opponent - on the right. Numbers above columns specify number of a round. Quantity of numbers is equal quantity of points for impact.

- a hit;
- a block;
- a magical strike.

Types of fights

Fights can be individual and mass. In individual fight two characters, in mass - not less than four participate.

Individual types of fights:

Duel - can be lead between characters, whose level differs less, than twice. At School of Wizards (Elair) to spend duels it is possible only with opponents of the equal level. Repeated duel with the same opponent is possible not earlier, than in 1 hour. Duels between persons of one clan are forbidden. For such cases tournament duels are stipulated.

Fight with Spirit - for a victory over Spirits makes a monetary prize 1/3 from a prize in usual duel. Causing on fight of Spirit - remember! - it can appear much more stronger than you.

Fight with a shadow - the training fight, no money prize is given for a victory, but there is no penalty in case of the lost either, after an output from fight all of the characteristic of the character are restored at once up to a level which were before fight, except for a case of reception of a trauma.

Duel without things - in this type of fight it is impossible to use things (the weapon, the reservation, jewelry (exception wedding rings)). The monetary prize is less, than a prize in usual duel, in 2 times.

Hand-to-hand fight - consists only of a phase of hand-to-hand fight. A monetary prize same, as in usual duel.

Tournament duel - results of tournament duel are not reflected in a purse and statistics of its participants - loss does not demand money, the prize is not paid, the statistics is not changed. All rest as in usual duel - traumas, deterioration of the weapon, reduction of Hit points. That is important - there is no restriction on repeated tournament duels. Such kind of duel ideally approaches for carrying out of tournaments and every possible competition, especially inside the clan which cannot be lead in another way as usual duels for persons of one clan are forbidden. After carrying out of Tournament duel, usual Duel with the same opponent is possible not earlier, than in 1 hour.

Fight "Ambush" - the character used a potion "Ambush", can attack the contender, not waiting its consent to fight. It is accessible to characters with BP not below 15. A monetary prize same, as in usual duel. To attack the contender it is possible under condition of:
If at it the Hit points are completely restored;
Its level not less, than on 5 levels above a level attacking (if the level of the contender is less 5 to attack it is possible 0 level);
It is not in fight, in a quest, on storm of the Castle, in the personal house in elite area;
It does not participate in tournament;
It is not the guard, the Judge, the secretary of the Mayoralty, the Attendant of the Temple.

Mass fights can be:

Chaotic - join the application can wizards with a level-2 / + 2 from a level of the wizard who has made an application. Distribution on groups occurs in the casual way. 4 and more characters can participate in chaotic fight. For participation in fights of chaos the character should have at least 2-nd BP. In Elair it is possible to take part in fights of chaos from 1-st level.

Chaos without things - differ from usual fights of chaos by that wizards at whom things (exception are wedding rings). It is possible to use riding animals, rolls. The prize - is less, than in usual , in 2 times.

Between races - making an application defines races and quantity of participants from each party. For participation in fights between races the character should have at least 3-rd BP.

Group - making an application defines number of participants in each group. Each participant independently chooses for what group will battle. Join the application can characters with a level-2 / + 2 from a level of the wizard who has made an application. On each of the parties should be not less than 3 wizards, otherwise the application deviates. For participation in group fights the character should have at least 3-rd BP.

Group without things - differ from usual group fights by that wizards at whom things (exception are wedding rings). The prize in 2 times is less, than in usual group fights.
Between clans - from both parties the wizards who have entered clans participate.

Double Duel - from each of the parties participate on 2 wizards. Levels of participants should be identical. For participation in Double Duels the character should have at least 2-nd BP.

Fights between cities - are spent for training to attacks on bastions The Dark. To initiate (make an application) an attack can be initiated by a wizard possessing storm license, all participants of an attack or protection should have a level not below 20. Participate in an attack from city can only those inhabitants, which have in it a registration as well to protect attacked city - only those who has in it a registration. A break between attacks to other cities - not less than half of an hour.

On results of each day the city-winner (won first place a rating for last day) is released from taxes for 1 day. Taxes are not removed from inhabitants who have a registration in city-winner and are in it. If two cities have identical quantity of points in a rating it is considered, that any city has not won.

Calculation of points of a rating is conducted by following rules: a victory attacking - 3 points, a victory of defenders - 2 points, defeat - 1 point, a drawn game - 1 point, defenders have not accepted fight - attacking 2 points, and to defenders 0 points.

Fights between light and dark - the wizard possessing the dark Propensity, can attack the light wizard. During this fight other wizards can join each of the parties - light on the one hand, dark on the other hand. As much as possible fight can join on 6 participants from each party with a level +/-10 from a level attacking, but not below 10 levels.
Restrictions on attacks of the wizards possessing the dark Propensity:

The Level attacking can exceed a level attacked no more, than on 3 levels;
the Level attacking cannot be below a level attacked more than on 10 levels;
It is impossible to attack wizards with BP <15;
It is impossible to attack participants of tournaments;
It is impossible to attack representatives of administration and builders-verifiers;
It is impossible to attack Attendants of the Temple in city of their work;
It is impossible to attack wizards who are in fight, in a quest, on storm of the Castle, in the personal house in Elite area;
It is impossible to attack the wizard if his Hit points are restored less, than on 75 %;
It is impossible to attack on the same wizards more often 1 time a day.


Fairly for wizards whose BP is not less 5: if last impact which has reduced Hit points of the wizard up to 0, was double, i.e. There was a hit both the basic impact, and a magic ricochet the wizard with probability of 20 % can be traumatized:

Easy (probability of 60 %) - 10...100 mines on restoration, Hit points decrease for 25 %;
Average (probability of 30 %) - 101...250 mines, reduction of Hit points - on 50 %;
Heavy (probability of 10 %) - 251...500 mines, reduction of Hit points - on 75 %.

The wizard who didnt strike in his turn (" has died on time-out ") is punished by an easy trauma.

The bestiary

On open spaces of the Wizards World live a lot of dangerous beings - monsters, dragons, salamanders, aggressive snowmen...


Despite efforts of guardsmen, the city sometimes is exposed to an attack of monsters. Attacks of monsters can be single or group under leadership of a dragon. Single monsters - the most artful beings in the World. When the Boundary castle is grasped by monsters, they get into halls of a city and attack inhabitants irrespective of where the townspeople are, whether it be in the tavern or the house (except for the personal house in an elite city district where townspeople can feel in total safety) and even on not completely healthy wizards (with an incomplete Hit points or injured). Usually monsters are stronger than the character, sometimes even much more - in ones and a half times bigger than wizard. Monsters can read spells (scrolls). Some awful creatures happen to be armed and protected: Darts, copper axes, tin rings, coulomb, shirts, leather helmets and boats. Having defeated the monster which has got inside the city, the wizard increases the IDW by 1 point. Some monsters carry with themselves the small sum of money, it can be received in case of a victory in battle with it.


Not all monsters attack wizards. Some of them live in quests and castles and engage with wizards only when they are disturbed.

Wild dragons

If the dragon has grown in the wild nature, it will aggressively treat wizards. Dragons can be different colors: red, emerald, black, silver and gold.

The Green dragon
The Red dragon
The Black dragon
The Silver dragon

Among dragons, as well as among wizards, you will never meet two identical - all of them differ with properties, force of magic and character. Whether it is connected from them color, scientists have not found out yet. Dragons can be found in the Valley of Dragons and in Castles. If a wizard finds a dragon egg in the Valley of Dragons puts it in the personal house and independently raises and brings up a dragon, it becomes the loyal friend and the assistant to the wizard.

Large dragons are found in quests and mass quests, participate in attacks on cities and even can be met in well-disposed ranks of army of The Dark. Usually in quests around such Dragon a lot of monsters gathered, blocking a way of wizards to Dragons money and artifacts.

One of the strongest dragons is found in the castle of White and Gold Unicorn - Gorynych. Gorynych has 3 lives is means that it revives twice during the fight, it is not simply to defeat it completely. Sometimes Gorynych comes over to the side of darkness and adjoins army of The Dark.

The Gold dragon
The Emerald dragon
The Large Dragon

Creatures from Army of The Dark

Each time, attacking wizards, The Dark invents the new artful plan and creates an army of strong monsters. In the ranks of its henchmen there are Werewolves, Harpies, Phantoms, and Gorgons. They participated in battles for the cities Zaorn, Dorican, Tarnia.

The Harpy
The Werewolf
The Phantom
The Gorgon


Once in the New Years Eve The Dark has decided to spoil a holiday to wizards and to steal Christmas-tree magic. The snow has begun in the World, and the big Snow fortresses have been constructed, which were protected by Battle snowmen. Snowmen use various technicians of leading the fight and have various characteristics.

The snowman-defender
The snowman-magician
The snowman-sniper
The snowman-commandos
The snowman-boss

Creatures with super abilities

The Dark tests force and endurance of wizards with cold, and heat. The beings with super abilities had been created by Him. The huge Salamanders possessing giant, terrible force of magic of element of Fire. Fine sweet-voiced Sirens which songs dement all who comes across their way.

Huge Salamander
Elemental of Fire
Elemental of Water

Abilities of Huge Salamanders:
wizards who do not possess the Fiery Protective Amulet, instantly burn by plasma;
can burn clots of fiery plasma, depriving 25 % from maximum Hit points of a wizard during 4 moves;
summons an Elemental of Fire to help itself;
possesses the raised level of magic of elements of Fire.

Abilities of Elemental of Fire:
if the opponents magic of element of Fire or a scroll "the Fiery sphere" acts on the Elemental of Fire, it does not harm it, but restores his Hit points on size of put blow;
has a weakness to magic of elements of Water: if opponents magic of elements of Water acts, Elemental receives the same loss that was put by him;
hit by a ricochet the Elemental of Fire causes emission of plasma and the loss causes to the opponent on 5 hp;
possesses the raised level of magic of elements of Fire.

Abilities of Sirens:
wizards who do not possess the Water Protective Ring, go mad, having listened with delight to songs of Sirens;
even despite protection, Sirens can captivate the opponent - during 4 courses its strike and a ricochet is equal 0;
summons Elemental of Water;
possesses the raised level of magic of Water.

Abilities of Elemental of Water:
the native elements strengthen Elemental of Water: If at the opponents magic of elements of Water acts, instead of retaliation drawing, the Hit points of Elemental of Water is restored on the same size;
the strengthened magic of Water: retaliation is stronger in 2 times;
weakness to magic of Fire: blow of the opponent amplifies in 2 times;
magic retaliation: at hit by a ricochet in Elemental Waters retaliation makes 30 %;
possesses the raised level of magic of Water.

Magical scrolls, items, weapon, armor, animals and resources

In fight wizards can use magical scrolls, items, weapon, and armor. Wizard can get a considerable advantage renting a saddle animal.

Magical scrolls and potions

It is possible to make some actions over the character with the use of potions and in fight the scrolls are used.

To use a certain scroll or potion you need to have a certain level of magic. Scrolls can be two types: of general action (act over all participants of the battle, over one team or over certain character) or directed action (act only over the certain opponent).

First type acts simultaneously with the characters move, second type acts after response move of the opponent.

Note: In the School of wizards simplified scheme of the scrolls usage is used: you can use only scrolls of general action and the usage of scroll is not connected to a certain move.

Wizard can equip not more than 36 scrolls before the battle, but its possible to use only that number of scrolls on which the quantity of mana will be enough. The quantity of mana before the fight is = 4*(level of magic of the character).

The wizard can't use more than 3 scrolls at one turn. The total quantity of mana that is needed for the usage of scrolls cant be more than level of magic of the character.

Whether the scroll will act or not, depends on the level of magic of the character. The formula of probability:

50% + 10%*(level of magic of the character level of magic needed for this spell)

e.g.: the probability of acting the scroll of life +10 for the wizard with level of magic 12 is:

50%+10%*(12-10)= 70%

Wizard can take a scroll of summon of Element only once a day, if wizard doesnt have such scrolls any more, or the have been used.

Holiday scrolls

You can find them in quests in the period of celebration of Birthday of the Wizards World or New Year. You cant sell holiday scrolls in the shop, they are only for personal usage.


Jewelry increase the force of the impact and/or the force of magical ricochet of the character, although they protect from the magical ricochet of the opponent.


Armor decreases the force of impact of the opponent in the fight. In hand-to-hand fight the force of impact of the opponent decreases on the level of protection of this armor only in case of hit in protected part of a body. In distant fight the force of impact of the opponent decreases on the maximal size of the protection from all parts of the armor. E.g.: amber armor (protection of body 7, protection of waist 5, protection of legs 3) in distant fight will protect the wizard by 7 points of impact.

Some types of armor have special characteristics (crystals, magic of elements etc.)


Weapon increases the force of impact in distant and hand-to-hand fight. Some types of weapon have special characteristics

Things of Devotion

Auction Weapon

Things from new years presents

Trophy weapon, armor

Magical Crystals

Magical Crystals can be put in the weapon, armor, and jewelry, giving these items new characteristics. If you use several crystals of one type, they act together, it means that their bonuses are summed but the probability of acting doesnt change.

Green Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal is hit by direct strike.
Restore life by 3 hp.
Can be used in shields, robes and coulombs.

Yellow Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Decreases the force of impact of the opponent by 3 points for 3 moves.
Can be used in weapon, magic books and rings.

Orange Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by the magic ricochet.
Decreases the force of magic ricochet of the opponent by 3 points for 3 moves.
Can be used in weapon, magic books and rings.

Brown Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Decreases the defense from the direct stike of the opponent by 3 points for 3 moves.
Can be used

Black Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Decreases the hp of the opponent by 1 and increases the hp of the owner by 1 for 3 moves.
Can be used in weapon.

White Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Increases the hp of the owner by 2 for 3 moves.
Can be used in weapon, robes and coulombs.

Red Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Next move the opponent cant use scrolls.
Can be used in coulombs.

Blue Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by the magic ricochet.
The magic of elements of the opponent doesnt work for 1 move.
Can be used in coulombs.

Plasma Crystals

Acts with 25% probability in case the owner of the crystal hits the opponent by direct strike.
Decreases the hp of the opponent by 2 for 3 moves
Can be used in shields, magic books and coulombs.

Mages equipment

Mages equipment cant be used together with battle things (weapon, armor).

Mages equipment of 1-st-3-rd level can be used only when wizard achieves certain level of magic.

Its impossible to ride a horse of griffin if you equip the mages boots because animals are afraid of magic of these things.

Mages equipment adds to wizard that much mana, what is needed to use scrolls added by this things.





Magic Books


Riding animals

Riding animals help to increase a motion field. The animal is leased for one day. characters can lease a horse having 10 and more points of experience, a griffin - 12 and more points of experience, to use in fight - with level 8 and 10 accordingly.

After payment of rent an animal gets to a stall. To ride it, it is necessary to press in a building "My House" the reference "to saddle".



The Cat helps the owner to restore forces after fight - in the House, near to a cat, the Hit points of the wizard is restored in 2 times faster.

It is necessary to look after a cat - to feed and play with it. If you dont, at a cats mood decreases and when it reaches a zero point, the cat escapes from the owner. It is necessary to feed a cat once a day, the meal costs 1 coin, increases mood of a cat by 2 points. If the cat was hungry all the day its mood decreases for 2 points. If the owner leaves the house for a long time he can leave meal for the cat for 3 days (cost 4 coins, the mood of a cat increases by 2 points for 3 days). Playing with a cat (once a day) increases mood of a cat by 1 point. If not - decreases for 1 point in day.

The owner of a cat can present or throw it up to other wizard.

The cat can be named. The name is given only once, it is impossible to change it. Only new owner of a can give a new name to it.

Cats can be different kinds, but it does not affect in any way their character. The owner at a time can have only one cat. Small kittens can be found in a quest. They grow rather quickly, and in 2 months become adult cats.

Cat cant live in one house with a dog, cats e mood spoils - on 7 points for a day. And in some days the cat escapes from such house. But in the personal house in elite areas (Viverli-Hilz, Vivera, the Gold Valley) the cat and a dog can live under one roof since here it is enough a place that they did not disturb each other. Here presence of a dog does not influence a mood of a cat. However even in the personal house the cat and a dog sometimes fight, and the mood of both animals decreases for 3 points.


The dog warns the owner about the attack of the monster. Dogs improve their skills when they grow: puppies about two months warn 3 minutes prior an attack of the monster, adult dogs (elder 2 months) - for 5 minutes.

It is necessary to look after a dog - to feed and walk in a quest or in the Castles. If you dont, the mood of a dog decreases and when it reaches a zero point the dog escapes from the owner. You should feed a dog once a day, the meal costs 1 coin, it increases mood of a dog by 2 points. If the dog was hungry all the day the mood decreases for 2 points. If the owner for a long time leaves the house with a dog, he can leave meal for 3 days (cost 4 coins, the mood of a dog increases by 2 points for 3 days). If the owner takes the dog for a walk (once a day) the mood of a dog increases by 1 point, if not - decreases for 1 point a day.

The dog can be named. The name is given only once, it is impossible to change it. Only the new owner, to whom it was thrown up or presented, can give a dog a new name.

Dogs can be different kinds, but it does not affect in any way their character. The owner at a time can have only one dog. Puppies can be found in a quest. The owner of a cat can find a puppy in a quest, but the owner of a dog cannot find a kitten - kittens are afraid of dogs and escape.


It is possible to find egg of a dragon in a quest "Valley of Dragons" and to grow a personal battle dragon from it. However, it is possible to grow up such large animal only in the personal house in elite area. If little dragon hatches from an egg in the usual house, it escapes at once, having been frightened of narrowness of a premise.

The dragon can be named. The name is given only once, it is impossible to change it. It is impossible to present a dragon.

It is necessary to look after a dragon - to feed and while it is younger 1 month it is necessary to walk in quests with it. If you dont, dragons mood decreases and when it reaches a zero point, it flees from the owner. The found egg does not require an incubation or in any special conditions. Little dragon hatches from it for the fourth day. Now it is necessary to feed and walk with it in quests. If little dragon is younger a month it is impossible to ride on it, it can walk only near the owner. For the third week little dragon starts to imitate the owners behavior in quests and participates in fights with monsters, causing them a small loss.

When little dragon becomes elder than one month it becomes the Dragon and does not require walks any more, it is strong enough to allow the owner to saddle it and participate in battle on Arena, in Castles or in a quest once a day. The dragon increases width of a course to 5 cells, and also increases level of the owner by 20 %. Besides, he participates in battles, causing a loss to opponents by a flame or tail blows.

Since the age of two months the dragon allows to saddle itself twice a day. Since three months - 15 times a day. While he grows, its fighting power also increases.

Dragons are magical animals. Their magic is so strong, that even increases magic of elements of the owner of a dragon. It starts to be shown, when little dragon will a little grow up - since one month. Dragons are capricious and unpredictable creatures, therefore every day the influence on magic of elements of the owner can be different. The elder dragon is, the stronger influence is.

If the owner looks after the Dragon or Little dragon badly, it can bite the owner (to reduce his hp) when he is in the House. The worse mood of the Dragon is, the stronger it can bite. And if the owner treats this magic being badly and even starves him the Dragon can not allow to saddle itself within several days. Dragons are freedom-loving and capricious beings and demand the valid relation.

Change of mood at a dragon:

It is necessary to feed a dragon once a day. Feeding increases its mood by 2 points. If the Dragon is not fed, its mood decreases for 2 points.

Since a birth till 1 month little dragon need to be walked with in a quest once a day. Walk increases its mood by 1 point, absence of walk - reduces by 1 point.

If the owner leaves the house for a long time he can leave meal for the Dragon for 3 days. It increases its mood by 2 points for 3 days.

If the wizard leaves the personal house (for example, at divorce), and his dragon is compelled to huddle in a usual town house the mood of a dragon spoils on 6 points in day.

Cost of meal for a dragon:

till 1st month: 1 coin in day
from 1st till 2nd months: 2 coins in day
from 2nd till 3rd months: 3 coins in day
are 3rd months: 4 coins in day


Unruly and talkative beings. Parrots are attracted by shining with bright colors scales of dragons, and they often suit the nests near to Dragon caves. Dwelling in the neighborhood with wise ancient dragons, parrots have learnt much from them. They know many secrets of the World and like to tell about all of them to all whom meet. But as beings very small, they cannot remember much, they sometimes confuse in that what they heard from dragons. Nevertheless, their words happen are full of deep sense and even can become prophetical...

It is necessary to look after the parrot - to feed and play. If you dont the mood of a parrot spoils and when it reaches a zero point, parrot flies away from the owner. It is necessary to feed the parrot once a day, the meal costs 1 coin, and it increases the mood of parrot by 2 points. If parrot was hungry all the day its mood decreases for 2 points. If the owner leaves the house for a long time he can leave a meal for a parrot for 3 days (cost 4 coins, the mood of parrot increases by 2 points for 3 days).If the owner plays with parrot (once a day) its mood increases by 1 point, If doesnt play - decreases for 1 point in day.

It is possible to name the Parrot. The name is given only once, it is impossible to change it. It is impossible to present or transfer parrot to other wizard.

Parrots are unpretentious and friendly birdies, they perfectly get on with cats, dogs and dragons and live in any conditions if they are well feed.

Exotic animals

For quite some time in the Wizards World there is a possibility to tame any animal. It is necessary to fill the demand in the Special offer to get a personal animal, having specified its name and having put the image (81x100 pixels, weight to 20 kb, a format gif). On this identikit our skilled zoologists will immediately go on searches of an animal to round-the-world expedition and deliver the desired animal from any corner of the World!

The exotic animals, that got used to get on with other beings in rainforests or savannas full of danger, will not conflict with your house animals and will not spoil their mood. Similar as with cats and dogs, they will need care and it is necessary to feed them and play with them. Personal animals accelerate restoration of forces of the owner after fight in 2 times. If the wizard already has a cat the effect from presence of animals is summed, i.e. restoration of forces of the owner occurs in 4 times faster.

It is possible to look at all exotic animals bought by inhabitants of the World, in the Zoo in the city Aradon.


Magical grass, wood, iron and precious stones can be found in quests. They can de used for the production of things (if youve already bought the license of Master) or can be soled in the shop.
Wizards whos BP is over 1 can buy resources in the shop.

You can get the scales of salamander in Cave of Salamander in Zaorn in case of successful storm. Nacre can be brought from Island of Sirens in Aradon.


Players can present gifts to each-other. You can send a gift with the help of express service on the page of the information about character, to whom the gift is. Although, it is possible to do it in the building of the Mail. Gifts exist for 7 days.

Cities of the World

Elair - school of wizards where young magicians receive the first lessons of military arts and magic. Here they get acquainted with main laws of the World, receive fighting skills, experience of dialogue and command actions. Here they develop up to 3-rd level inclusive. When the wizard reaches 4 levels or quantity of the lead fights will reach 150, it flies at the choice in Aradon, Dorican or Zaorn and receives there a registration.

At School of Wizards, unlike other Cities of the World, the got points of experience (lvls) are distributed on characteristics of the character (a life, strength, magic) once. The opportunity to redistribute them is absent.

At School of Wizards, unlike other Cities of the World if the wizard has a negative balance of money it is restored in a zero automatically within 2 minutes in case of absence at him scrolls or potions. If the wizard has scrolls or potions he should compensate a minus independently, having sold a part from them.

At School an opportunity of the wizard depending on its level differs from its opportunities in other Cities of the World:

with 0 - the character participates only in single fights;
From 1-st level - can participate in fights of Chaos;
from 3-rd level - can participate in storms of the Castle;
from 4-th level or if the quantity of the lead fights will reach 150 - release from School of wizards, all game opportunities are closed, crossing to other City.

The story about Elair by magician Tashe.

Aradon - capital of the World of Wizards. Many novelties, such as, for example, the Tournament Arena transferred later in Tarnia, appeared in due time in our capital. In Aradon there is all the basic buildings: the Mayoralty, Bank, the Casino, Workshop, the Tower of clans, Gallery, Arena, the Temple, Castles, the Boundary castle, the Catapult, the Tavern, Mail, Shop, private area under name Viverly-Hills, and also own for each wizard My house and the Warehouse. Aradons Place of visit is Zoo in which the exotic animals tamed by wizards of the World are collected. Aforesaid Castles in Aradon are: a Nursery, Hills, High, Thrown and the Castle of the White Unicorn. Each wizard can find for itself the castle of a corresponding level, however, if the soldier wants a variety and adventures - it should go in Tarnia.

The story about Aradon by wizard Grejd

Dorican - the greenest city of the World. Is famous not only the century Oak and a warm and friendly atmosphere in city. Long time in Dorican there was unique in the World a Clan castle. Now it is transferred in Tarnia. In Dorican there are same municipal buildings and Castles, as in Aradon. The private residential area in Dorican refers to Vivera.

The story about Dorican by magician Ajola

Zaorn, known among wizards as the city of Masters, it is paradise for handicraftsmen. Magic fountain of Zaorn allocates the townspeople and visitors of city art to make, forge, solder and various useful features to create. In Zaorn the Guild of Masters is located, having entered in which it is possible to receive the license of the Master. Unlike licenses of the Druggist, the Jeweler or the Smith which I operate in all greater cities, the license of the Master operates only in Zaorn and allows mastering any of set forth above Trades without dependence from race. City buildings and Castles in Zaorn are the same, as in Aradon. The private area here refers to the Gold Valley.

The story about Zaorn by magician PeRrChiNkA

Tarnia - the youngest and military-sports city of the World. Tarnia was constructed specially for carrying out various Complexities of competitions and storms. It is impossible to lodge and register in Tarnia, here there is no area with private houses, Bank, the Casino, the Mayoralties, Workshops, the Tower of clans and the Warehouse. But in Tarnia is the Tournament Arena where federal tournaments are all spent, and many unique Castles are located. Besides Nursery, Hills, the High and Thrown Castles, in Tarnia there is a Pyramid, Gorge of Dragons, the Cave of Dragons, the Castle of the White Unicorn, and also the Clan castle.

Viera - city of wizards with Light propensity. Wizards with The Dark propensity cannot get there. In two city Castles there live unique monsters: Obbur, the Fury, the Demon, the Minotaur, Barlog and others. In Viera there are Castles the Nursery, Hills, the Labyrinth, and also the Castles intended for storms by clans - Thrown, High and Storm Gates. The boundary castle here refers to Gateway. Other city buildings in Viera are the same, as well as in other greater cities. The private area carries name Still-Hill.


Many things are changeable in the world of Wizards, including weather. In the World rage thunder-storms, there are rains, there comes a heat, occurrence of a fog, and in the winter it is. Change of weather conditions influences magic of elements of wizards.

The Thunder-storm increases elements of Fire and reduces elements of Air
the Rain increases elements of Water and reduces elements of Fire
the Fog increases elements of Air and reduces elements of the Earth
the Heat increases elements of Fire and reduces elements of Water
the Snowfall increases elements of Air and reduces elements of Fire

In cities weather-laboratories which with accuracy can predict duration of this or that weather phenomenon are constructed. They are located in the left top corner above the area. Announcements of weather conditions are done by heralds of cities. Weather varies in all cities except Elair.

The city

For residing at city from each character at 00:01 on time of city is removed quantity of coins equal BP/5. For example, if the Battle Potential of the character is equal 12, 2 coins are removed from it. If the city, in which you are registered, became the leader of a rating of cities for a day, and you at the moment of write-off of the tax are in it, you will be free from tax payment.

In case of inactivity of the character within 50 days the character is turned out from city (leaves from game).

In city there are buildings which carry out the certain functions.

The mayoralty

In the mayoralty there is a compilation of laws and the general management of structures of city. In the Mayoralty it is possible:

To esteem the code of laws (Encyclopedia);
To replace a registration;
To look ratings of wizards;
To send the message in the Mayoralty by means of Express mail;
To get acquainted with the open vacancies in services of the Mayoralty and to fill the application on employment;
To receive the information on employees of the Mayoralty and guilds of city.

My house

the Place of storage of things of the character and private messages. In the House the character can:

change registration and personal data;
To buy or sell points of experience (lvls);
To redistribute points of experience between the basic characteristics (a life, strength, magic);
To redistribute points of magic between Elements;
To store up to 20 items or scrolls on 6 pieces of one advantage in slot;
To make repairing (restoration) of subjects;
To see the list of all gifts;
Wizards in the wardrobe can choose one of the images.

The warehouse

The Warehouse is intended for storage of things of wizards in unlimited quantity with the following provisions:
Cost of rent of one cell in a left-luggage office - 1 WWM/week. When things get from a cell, rent of a cell stops. To replace things in a cell it is impossible.
One thing can be stored in a cell, up to 6 scrolls or up to 10000 units of resources of one type.


Place for carrying out of fights:

Individual fights (fight in private) - Duels, Duels without things, Tournament duels and hand-to-hand fight;
Mass fights - fights of chaos, group and interracial fights;
Double duels (fight two to two);
Clan fights (fights between clans);
Fights between cities;
Protection of city against monsters (mass fight with monsters);

Here it is possible to look current fights, and also records (broad gullies) of recently completed fights, ratings of fights between cities and between dark and light wizards.

The tournament Arena

the Place for carrying out of tournaments is located in Tarnia. The tournament Arena also is available at School of wizards - Elair. Here the open tournaments in which each interested person can take part, and also clan tournaments are spent. The open tournaments will be organized by the Mayoralty, it defines their rules and gives prizes and medals to winners. Clan tournaments are got with the Head of a clan (the reference to the editor of an institution of clan tournament is on page all tournaments "), the monetary prize in WWG is written off from the treasury of a clan.

Rules of carrying out of tournaments stipulate in their rules. Registration in tournaments passes in an hour prior to the beginning of the first round. In each round 5 minutes on connection to fight with the contender are given, technical defeat otherwise is set off. The tournament Arena is completely automated - results of fights, absences of opponent and technical defeats are automatically brought in the tournament table.

In the open tournaments it is possible to sponsor! For wizards sponsorship will manage in 1000 WWG, for clans in 3000 WWG. These sums will make prize-winning fund of tournament. Names of sponsors will be mentioned in the rules of tournament, in news and in dispatch. Interested in sponsorship can direct applications to Mayoralties Aradon, Dorican or Zaorn.

Although on the tournament arena the tournaments fixed route taxi are led. Tournaments fixed route taxi are led permanently on 10 different regulations. To start the tournament you need only to register first on it and pay a little fee and as soon as there will be 8 participants, the first tour of the competition starts. As soon as the first tour started, you can collect new participants, for the next tournament. You can get a prize for winning the tournaments fixed route taxi it depends on the complicity of the tournament. Winners of tournaments fixed route taxi are included to a special ranking where the leader of ranking of a month gets the Goblet Golden Antelope (in case that he has not less than 10 wins this month).


The Temple - a place of worship Spirits WiW.

At daily visiting the Temple as a token of gratitude for respect for World WiW Spirits increase yours IDW by 2 points.

If you sacrifice 10 IDW to Spirits, You can get a scroll of summoning the Elemental. You can take a scroll only once a day, if wizard doesnt have such scrolls any more, or the have been used. wizards with BP fewer than 30 receive the scroll of summoning the Elemental of the 1-st level, wizards with BP more than 31 but fewer than 80 receive the scroll of summoning the Elemental of the 2-nd level, wizards with BP more than 80 receive the scroll of summoning the Elemental of the 3-rd level.

In the Temple it is possible to present a tribute to Spirits 1000 IDW and to receive one of things of Devotion.

Also in the Temple it is possible to esteem Rules of the Good form and to communicate to clerics.

An altar: Wizards can bring tribute to Spirits on 100 or 200 WWM and to receive for it +1 or +2 to magic for the period of one day. Addition of magic does not increase BP and the Level and as does not influence distribution of magic of elements


In Shop it is possible:
To buy magic items, the weapon, an amour, etc.;
To hand over a subject in shop (if in shop there are empty seats on shelves) and to receive for it the sum equal (residual cost of a item) *0,85 where residual cost is cost minus deterioration of a thing;
To utilize a subject and to receive for it the sum equal (residual cost of a subject) *0,5. throw away a subject if it is not necessary any more, and to hand over and utilize it there is no opportunity (In shop such goods is not accepted).
To take things in rent (cost of rent of things at 24 o'clock makes 30 % from their cost in shop).

In the shop there is a comfortable and spacious Fitting Room. You can try on any armor, weapon and magical jewelry and look at total characteristics of a costume. Although, you can become a mannequin and try the chosen costume in the battle. Battles in Fitting Room do not influence wizards statistic, do not reflect in ratings and money for the loss are not paid.

Store "From hand to hand"

In the Bench it is possible to sell things from a special offer directly to the concrete character. Also in the Bench it is possible to buy gift things by a holiday for friends and favorite.

You appoint the price of a sold thing independently within the limits of between store cost of a thing and its triple size. The things bought earlier through "Shop" possess magic of an eternal life and are kept at the present owner always. Things bought through the Bench From hand to hand" lose this magic after the first Magic of an eternal life. Time of a life of a thing after the first sale pays off under the formula: time of a life (weeks) = 4 * (the store price of a thing) / 300. For example, time of a life of a chain amour the Captivated ground will be 4 * 500 / 300 = 6 weeks. At the subsequent sales time of a life of a thing decreases twice. The thing cannot be transferred, if its term of a life after transfer will be less than 1 weeks.

Work of the Bench does not depend on the location of the seller and the buyer and works betwee

: 2209

: 15, 2009 20:21     :


Here settle down:

the Credit department;
the Department on licensing.

A credit department

You can take the credit for the period of one week, if:

your battle potential (BP) not below 5 points;
you do not have debts against the Mayoralty;
In your purse positive number of coins.

The size of the Credit = 25WWM * BP, the interest rate makes 10 % a week.

Purchase of licenses

Wizards can buy licenses since 5-th BP provided that they do not have other work in city can.

In all cities of the World, except Elair it is possible to buy the license of the Master. Wizards, who have bought the license of the Master, can make goods from resources by the use of magic of transformation in Workshops.
It costs 15*BP Coins a week.

License Stormer is accessible in all greater cities of the World and there are 100 coins.


In workshops the wizards who have bought the license of the Druggist, the Smith, the Jeweler or the Master, can make by means of magic of transformation from resources magic scrolls and flasks with a potion, the weapon and protection or magic jewels.

A catapult

Travels between cities occur the use of the Catapult.

The mayoralties of cities have the right to raise a payment for using the Catapult, the size of a payment is underlined on page of the Catapult. In all cities except for Elair take advantage of the Catapult wizards, since 1 BP can.

In Elair take advantage of the Catapult wizards, since 4 levels (lvls) can. Moving is possible only in one I shall shift - from Elair in the big city ".It is impossible to return back to School of wizards.

After landing in a catapult and up to a landing in city of purpose the character cannot carry out any actions including entering into the World. The mayoralties of cities have the right to establish own restrictions on use of a city Catapult. Wizards with a black spot on the Catapult are not supposed.

Guilds of different cities are not connected among themselves, therefore at flight in other city the wizard has the right to enter any Guild accessible to it there, and at returning back the accessory to initial Guild is restored. The clan accessory is kept for the wizard in other city.

Pets (a cat, a dog, a parrot and house dragon) move on the Catapult together with the owner. And here riding animals, the Unicorn, Horses and Griffins by virtue of the dimensions and weights on the Catapult are not located, but they faithfully wait for the owner in their native city.

Various privileges, for example, the subscription in a tavern, are valid only for current city and are not kept at flight.

Art Gallery

In the art Gallery images for wizards are exposed on sale. Cost of an image makes not less than 500 coins and is on sale on an auction basis. Artists receive on 100 coins for each sold image. The starting price of an animated image - 2000 coins. The artist receives 15 % from the sum for the sold image.

In a hall the second-hand wizards expose images for repeated sale. Also in Gallery there is an elite special-hall in which the most tremendous and unique images got ever by wizards are exposed. Such images are executed on color an animated background, the size of a picture is increased, in comparison with usual animated images, up to 15 Kb. Images of the special--hall are not on sale in Gallery at the tenders, and are executed on individual to the order in WWG.

To look all the static and animated images got in Gallery, and names of their happy owners it is possible in a hall Portrait gallery.

The information for artists:

Artists place the Created images in galleries, using the special form, but thus artists are obliged to know, that such:

the Copyright;
KB (kilobyte);

Besides the author should observe rules of creation of the images, specified in Gallery. If "artist" does not understand or does not know something from the aforesaid the Mayoralty can award such to mountain-master with the Black spot that prevents carrying out employee from the Mayoralty duties.

Gallery of gifts

The Gallery is located in a building. In Gallery of gifts the animated gifts drawn by wizards are exposed. Cost of such gift will make 30 WWG, and the author of a gift will receive 2 WWG each time when its gift somebody will be presented. Term of a life of such gifts will make 14 days.

The information for artists:
If you have undertaken creation of a gift for Gallery of gifts, you should have in view, that the picture should be high quality, have "soft" (smooth, natural, not irritating) animation; the size 50x48 pixels, weight - no more than 10 kb, a format - GIF. The name of a gift can contain no more than 20 symbols, including blanks. To expose gifts wizards with BP more than 5 have the right only.


Castles are created for storming by wizards and clans, they are resisted with hordes of wild monsters led by dragons. All wizards with 5-th BP on 50 BP (in Elair from 3-rd level) can storm Castles " For all ", and the wizards who are in clans, can storm also "Clan" Castles - castle " Thrown " and castle " High " in all " greater cities " and Clan Castle in Tarnia. The prize for a capture of the Castles which are not concerning to clan is distributed proportionally filled hp from the general number filled during storm hp. In clan Castles the prize shares fifty-fifty between all persons of one clan, taken part in storm.

Caution! Near the castle the dark magic acts. Hit Points do not recover!

Castles "For all ": castle "Nursery and castle "Hill"

Conditions of storm of Castles For all in "greater" Cities:

Initiate storm can only the member of Storm Guild can;
Participate in storm of castle Nursery" wizards from 5 up to 19 BP inclusive can;
Participate in storm of castle Hill" Wizards from 20 up to 50 BP inclusive can;
the Minimum level for participation in storms of Castles Nursery" and "Hills" - 5; the Quantity of participants of storm - is not less 6;
the Prize to group storming for capture of castle "Nursery" - 1200 WWM;
the prize for capture of castle Hill - 1500 WWM.

Conditions of storm of Castles at School of Wizards:

Begin and participate in storm any wizard with a level 3 can;
the Quantity of participants of storm - is not less 6;
the Prize to group storming for capture of castle Nursery - 400 WWM.

Clan Castles: castle "Thrown and castle "High"

Conditions of storm of Clan Castles:

Only members of one clan can storm Castles;
the Quantity of participants of storm - is not less 6;
the Prize to a clan for capture of castle Thrown - 2000 WWM;
the prize for capture of castle High - 3500 WWM.

Boundary Castles

Boundary Castles protect each city of the World from attacks of monsters. When the Castle is in possession of city dwellers single attacks of monsters on city dwellers do not occur. But when the group of monsters manages to break and take hold of the Boundary Castle of any city all inhabitants of this city again start to be exposed by attacks of creations of the Dark part of the World... The longer monsters own the Boundary Castle, the more intensity of these attacks is. When liberators manage to clear the Castle of servants of The Dark, single attacks in cities again stop.
Be cautious - near to Castles the dark magic operates - the Hit points are not restored!

The Big Clan Castle (Tarnia)

This Castle monsters don't protect, but a clan owning the castle at present does. Other clan can begin storm of this Castle only a command in structure of not less 6 wizards from this clan. Restrictions on quantity of defenders are not present, but if is the number of defenders is less than 8 person to the aid of them Spirits of the Castle come. The Minimum level for participation in storm/protection - 5, maximal - is not limited. For a victory over each room to defenders or attacking strengthening is given - on a following floor the Spirit of the Castle joins them.

The prize for a victory over the Clan Castle makes 2000 coins and is paid to participants of storm depending on filled hp. The lost clan pays 30 % from the sum of a prize, that is 600 coins, and loss in the clan castle members of the lost clan depending on them BP pay all. Other sum of a prize is paid extra by the Mayoralty.

The clan owning the castle receives the privilege of free entrance to a tavern. The clan which longest owned the Castle within a week, next week is released from payment of taxes.

Small Clan Castle (Tarnia)

SCC is although protected by the clan that owns it. There are four gates in Small Clan Castle for wizards with different levels. Gates open in turn once in four hours and let wizards with different level try to capture it: 1-st gates - 15-30 levels, 2-nd gates 30-50 levels, 3-rd gates 51-80 levels, 4-th gates 81-120 levels. Accordingly to this, the clan that owns the castle should defend it on this level.

Prize for the victory: 1-st gates 1400 WWM, 2-nd gates 2000 WWM, 3-rd gates 3000 WWM, 4-th gates 4000 WWM. The prize is paid to the competitors depending on quantity of stroked HP. Clan that has lost the battle pays 30% of prize. The lost is paid by all members of the clan, depending on their BP.

Clan that owned the castle longer than others on a week doesnt pay taxes.

The castle of the White Unicorn

Exists in Aradon, Dorican, Zaorn and Tarnia. Storm it the hero-single, dressed in the complete set the White Unicorn ", "Knight errant", "Scorpion" or " the Anaconda, and also personal complete sets on their basis can only. At successful storm the wizard receives magic of increase in size of a ricochet. Value of a ricochet is defined by casual image from a range (M/4... 3M/4). This magic will operate at the winner until its flag flutters at top of the Castle of the White Unicorn.

Besides the magic keeper of the castle - the White Unicorn - sometimes comes to the aid of the liberator of the castle and becomes its partner for day. The fantastic riding animal increases width of a course of the horseman in distant to fight up to 6 cells and increases protection against a ricochet by a random variable from M/4 up to 3M/4 for each impact (where M - own magic of the character).

The wandering Castle

The most mysterious Castle of the World. As it becomes clear from the name, the Castle does not have certain place of a disposition. Several times a day the Wandering Castle appears in Aradon, Dorican and Zaorn and, possessing magic of capture ", itself snatches out some wizards from the certain range of levels and sends them on storm.

The castle can choose any wizards who are not in fight, a quest, and the personal house or on storm of other castle. Join storm can wizards with BP in one of ranges (15-30, 31-50, 51-80, 81 +). Force of monsters in the Castle depends on a level of a command of wizards. The award for successful storm also is defined by a level and complexity of operation. The prize for successful storm shares between participants of storm depending on quantity filled hp.

"Pyramid", Cave of Dragons" and "Gorge of Dragons in Tarnia

Castle Pyramid" is intended for Stormers for "an average weight category " which already with ease take "Nursery" and "Hills" and wish to improve the skill. Storm "Pyramid" wizards with BP from 40 up to 80 inclusive can. The prize for a capture of "Pyramid" will make 3500 WWM.

Tarnias Castles "the Cave of Dragons" and "Gorge of Dragons" - one of the most complexes, unpredictable and interesting Castles in Wizards World. They are accessible to wizards with BP from 50 and above. The dragon and monsters in the Cave of Dragons " hardly are more indulgent, than in "Gorge", however fight with them will not be easy. Wizards can receive for successful storm of Caves of Dragons 12500 WWM.

Gorge of Dragons" - the most dangerous among Castles. In it monsters and dragons that are not going to give the den to wizards are concealed bloodthirsty. But, nevertheless, fearless Stormers with BP from 50 and above often go in Gorge of Dragons ". Wizards receive the biggest prize for successful storm of the castle - 40000 WWM!

Cave of Salamander (Zaorn)

Caves of Salamander are situated in Zaorn. Before going on a storm, in this caves, you should find a Amulet of Fire Resistance, and only after putting it on go to the battle the Salamander.

Only wizards with 50-th level or higher can storm this cave. You can join the storm with level +/-20 from the level of the wizard that started the storm. The monetary prize for the successful storm will be 40 coins*level of wizard that initiated the storm, although Stormers will get the cherished scales of Salamander.

"Labyrinth" and Storm Gates" in city of Hawks

"Labyrinth" is accessible to storm to wizards with BP not less than 70, the command receives for a successful capture of the castle 12500 WWM. "

Storm Gates " are the clan castle, begin storm here the owner 70 and more BP can only. Having broken and having expelled all monsters from the castle, the command of persons from one clan receives 12500 WWM.


The Purpose of a quest - to find the Dragon, to defeat it, and to receive resources protected by it. Time allocated for a quest, is limited. The quantity of the resources received at a victory over the Dragon, depends on a level of the wizard. It is possible to hand over resources then in shop of city in exchange for money at the established rate. To get in a quest, it is necessary to buy a map of a quest. The map is on sale in the Tavern for 10 coins.

Quests are subdivided into two kinds Small and Big:

The Small quest - is accessible to wizards with a level 5 and above. After purchase of a map of a quest the wizard gets on a game field 10 on 10 cells and begins by means of arrows of management around of the character a campaign behind resources. Time-out for quest - 30 minutes.

The big quest - is accessible to Wizards with a level 10 and above. A game field - 20 on 20 cells. Time-out for quest - 60 minutes.

In a quest the Wizard can meet following obstacles:

1) monsters, who need to be won to continue quest,
2) holes, at falling in which the current Hit points of the wizard decrees for 25 %,
3) holes, at falling in which decreases time allocated on a quest,
4) a dragon that protects a prize.

During a quest some bonuses are accessible to the Wizard:

1) Fountains of life which will fill up current health on 50 %,
2) during a quest the Hit points of the wizard are restored.

Besides it is possible to find pets in a quest (a cat, a dog or a parrot).

Mass quests

The Purpose of a mass quest - to find and win prize which is protected by the Dragon, for Time allocated on a quest. Wizards should win not only a dragon, but also all monsters who participate in it to fight. Quests share on levels: with 15 on 30, with 31 on 50, with 51 on 80, with 81 on 110 and more 111. The level of a quest is defined by a level of the wizard who begins a quest. The above the level of a quest, the more size of a prize is.

Quests are divided by two parts: quest for the treasure of a Dragon, where winners get monetary prize and a quest for the Amulet of Fire Resistance, where besides the monetary prize one of participants of the successful fight with a dragon gets the Amulet of Fire Resistance.

Conditions of participation in mass quests:

Maximum quantity of active quests plus quantity of applications: 10;
Participate in quests wizards can, since 15 levels;
Quantity of participants of a quest: from 3 up to 8.
A quest the Valley of dragons

This quest is accessible to wizards with a level 50 and above. Cost of a map for travel to the Valley of dragons makes 10 coins. The purpose of a quest - for time allocated on a quest to find a prize which is guarded by a Dragon, and to win it. Prize can contain money, jewelry, and also rare artifacts. It is possible to find a lying of Dragons in the Valley of Dragons and if the wizard has a personal house in elite area, he can grow up from the found egg a personal fighting dragon.


The mail is intended for sending and reception of messages from the wizards who are being both within the limits of one city, and in different cities. Mail can use wizards with BP> 0.

Besides on Mail service of sending of gifts (works within the limits of city) operates.

The casino

In the Casino each interested person can try to succeed and participate in draw of prize-winning fund, having bought the ticket. The price of one ticket 10WWM. The more tickets you buy more chances youve got. 50 % of cost of the ticket goes to account of taxes and 50 % to prize-winning fund. Draws are spent each 24 hours.

A tower of Clans

The wizards who have not entered in one clan yet, will find the list of all clans, names of their heads and all participants in the Tower of Clans, and also references clan pages. In the Tower of Clans it is possible to write and send the application on the introduction into a clan. To leave a clan you can also come in the Tower.

Wizards consisting in a clan can, coming into the Tower of Clans to look through a clan bulletin board, the list of its present persons of one clan, and the head of a clan can operate through the Tower of Clans to operate clan treasury in WWG.

Viverly-Hills, Vivera, the Gold valley

The Wizard, who has reached 50 BP, has the right to buy the personal House in elite area - in Aradon on Viverly-Hills, in Dorican on Vivera, in Zaorn in the Gold valley. Spouses own the personal house in common.

Possession of the personal House gives following advantages:
In the personal House monsters cannot attack you;
It is possible to cook food to yourself and the spouse/spouse of the house,
instead of to eat all time in the Tavern;
Only owners of personal Houses can contain hand-dragons;
Owners of personal Houses 2 times a week can suit private parties.
Only owners of personal Houses can contain a cat and a dog simultaneously (in the usual house a cat with a dog live badly, at a cat strongly to spoil the mood and in some days it escapes).
Your House cannot be destroyed by attack on city (actually during military actions);

In case of divorce the House remains for that of spouses who paid its purchase.

The house it is possible to sell the Mayoralties of city for 20 000 coins. For this purpose that from spouses which paid purchase, should send the corresponding application in the Mayoralty.

The Zoo

On the central area in Aradon was placed the present Zoo. In it the exotic animals living with wizards of our World are collected there. The quantity of inhabitants of a zoo constantly grows.


Zoo-House in Tarnia becomes the cozy and warm house for your pats (cats, dogs and parrots) while you have a rest, travel and cannot be engaged with them. In Zoo-House pets will be fed, walked and played with.

The maintenance of an animal in Zoo-House costs 20 WWM a day, pay the maintenance of an animal there you can that day when will return to take away your pet back home. The maximal term of stay of the pet in Zoo-House is 1 month. If after this time you will not take away an animal, it will transfer to another owner.

Hierarchy of wizards

Opportunities of the wizard depend on its Battle Potential (BP):

For School of Wizards:

0 BP-the character participates only in single fights;
from 1-st level - can participate in fights of chaos;
from 3-rd level - can participate in storms of the Castle

For other cities:

0-1 - the character participates only in single fights;
from 2-nd BP - can participate in fights of chaos and Double duels;
from 3-rd BP - can participate in group fights;
from 3-rd BP - can take part in fights between races;
from 5-th BP - can enter an existing clan;
from 5-th BP - can take part in Tournaments;
from 5-th BP - can enter Guild of masters;
from 5-th BP - can make an application on vacancy in the Mayoralty;
from 5-th level - can participate in Small Quests;
from 5-th on 19-th BP can participate in storm of castle Nursery ";
from 10-th BP - can participate in Greater Quests;
from 10-th BP - can make an application for reception in the Guard;
from 20-th on 50-th BP can participate in storm of castle Hill";
100 BP - the wizard can found the city.


The Clans are created with its head - the individual governor. The head of the clan can appoint to itself assistants who can carry out administrative activity in a clan during absence of the chapter.

Before submission in the Mayoralty through Express mail the application about creation of a clan the Head of a clan should have:

Site of a clan;
clan attributes (2 pictures in the size 13x13 (without animation) and 50x50 pixels, less than 1000 and 2000 bytes accordingly)
1000 coins in a purse.

The Clan is registered in a place of a registration of the head of a clan. The re-registration of a clan in other city is made under the application of the head of a clan in the Mayoralty. For each operation on a re-registration in 500 coins the tax is raised from the head of a clan.

Reception in a clan is carried out with the head of a clan or its assistants. You should pay for the reception in a clan. Entering should have Battle Potential not less than 5 and pay in the Mayoralty 100 WWM.

After the quantity of wizards in a clan reaches 20, cost of the introduction into a clan of a new member increases for 100 coins and makes 200 coins, after achievement of 30-th - for 100 - 300 coins, after 40-th - 400 coins and so on.

The wizard can leave a clan at any moment by own will. The head of a clan can exclude the wizard from a clan. The output of the wizard from a clan or exception of the wizard from a clan will manage to the wizard (in case of its output) or the chapter of a clan (in case of exception) in the sum equal 100 WWM.

Duels between persons of one clan are forbidden, exception is made with Tournament duels.

Rules of transfer of domination by a clan:

The Head of a clan can transfer the rights to any member of a clan. For this purpose he should write the application to the Mayoralty; for each operation on change of the head of a clan in 500 coins the tax is raised from the current head of a clan;
If the head of a clan does not appear in the World more than 50 days, its rights are automatically transferred one of secretaries of a clan (in a random manner).

The clan is disbanded, if:

1. The head of a clan receives the Black spot or is blocked out for infringement of Rules of behavior in game;
2. At numerous infringements by members of a clan of Game rules (members of a clan bear the responsibility for behavior of the persons from one clan);
3. If the head of a clan and secretaries of a clan do not appear in the World within 50 days;
4. Within a month in the World appear less than 5 members of a clan;
5. The clan site more than 7 days does not work;
6. The information on a clan site contradicts Rules of behavior in game or provokes infringements of these rules.


Alliances formed from union on the general interest, the purposes and ideals of clans. The clans which have entered the Alliance can hang together storms of clan castles - Thrown, High and Storm Gates, and also joint forces to storm and protect the Big and Small Clan castles in Tarnia.

Create the Alliance can only the Head of clan, reached 1000 BP. Management of the Alliance is carried out in a clan Tower. The head of a clan-founder becomes the leader of the Alliance and has the right:

to accept other clans in the Alliance;
to expel the clan which has guilty or changing to the general ideology from the Alliance. After that on the clan which has left the Alliance 24 hour penalty is imposed, i.e. during this time the clan cannot enter other Alliances.
to dismiss the Alliance without the coordination with other clans. However, after that the Leader of the Alliance cannot create a new Alliance within 10 days.

Rules for clans-participants:

the clan consisting in the Alliance, cannot create the Alliance or join one.
unite in the Alliance the unlimited quantity of clans, but total BP of the Alliance can, i.e. sum BP of all its members, should not exceed 20 000, including participants of a clan-founder. If BP the Alliance has exceeded as much as possible admissible size the Alliance is automatically dismissed.
participate in the Alliance the clans can, consisting the minimum from 10 wizards and having total BP is not less 1000.

In case of successful joint storm of castles with combined forces participants of the Alliance, bonus points go to a rating to that clan which initiated fight or castle storm. The clans consisting in one alliance, cannot battle against each other in the Big or Small Clan Castles.

Instructors for beginners

Any wizard who is a member of a clan can become the instructor for the beginning schoolboy in Elair. He should help the beginners to develop their skills and grow until they fly to one of Big Cities. When it happens, into the account of a clan of the instructor will be listed 30 WWGold. Training of own clones is forbidden for instructors.

The schoolboy can choose the instructor at whom he wishes to study, on page of the information on the character. It is possible to change the instructor at any moment before leaving school of Wizards. The pupil in a present situation can have only 1 instructor. The instructor can have as many pupils as he like. Flight in Elair is possible only from a city where the instructor is registered.


The Application for reception in the city guard can submit any of the city dwellers, proved by the behavior and acts, the right to enter the city guard and having BP not below 10. The decision on reception in the guard is accepted by the Chief guards in coordination with the Mayoralty of city. In case of the positive decision the new city guardian is accepted as the Trainee.

The chief guards independently or on representation of the Mayoralty, can dismiss any guard in case of default of duties or in case of a long absence in city.

The city guards regulation:

The guardian is obliged:
1. The MAIN DUTY: To welcome and help to accustom the newcomer to beginners;
2. To behave correctly and validly under the attitude to all city dwellers;
3. To watch order in a chat: to not suppose foul language and offensive statements to address of other inhabitants;

The policeman has the right:

1. To use the table weapon for maintenance of calmness of inhabitants. The warning shot in air (the oral prevention) - is obligatory;
2. To receive the weekly salary at a rate of 200 WWM, but only in case of presence at city not less than 20 hours for accounting week;
3. To use privileges established by the Mayoralty for city guards.

The salary of the policeman can be reduced by the size of penalties which can be imposed by officials of city.


In the World of Wizards there is a Court where claims from wizards of all Cities of the World are considered and corresponding decisions on each of the considered cases are made. The claim can submit any of inhabitants of the World if considers, that in its attitude injustice or roughness have been admitted. It is necessary to send your claim on judgement@wiw.ru address in which the description of a problem is in detail stated. As material evidences it is necessary to put screenshots to the letter (the copied picture of the screen, where Insults and nicks).

On the sent screenshots, with the purpose to show court the general picture of considered business should be both phrases of the Respondent (infringer), and a phrase of the Claimant (bringing an action the claim). The court accepts the claims containing the copied picture on which the name of the claimant (in the right bottom corner of the screen), and the attached screenshot of phrases is displayed to consideration what was told ", "what Ive told ". The attached screenshots, should be visible on the general background of a game chat, and display a finding of the claimant in Wizards World. In case of outrage that were sent to you by the game mail, you should mark incorrect messages that break the game rules and push the button send the marked to the court

Claimant in the World

Wizards, In case of the insults put in game mail, it is necessary to note the incorrect messages breaking game rules, and to press the button To send chosen in Court ". Decisions under the heard claims are placed in Chronicle WiW. The appeal under the decision of Court can be submitted within two weeks from the moment of the publication in Chronicle WIW.

How to keep proofs of the fact insults (screenshots) which the player should give in court? It is necessary to use options of a chat What to me was told? And what Ive told? (a screenshot of phrases of the Claimant). The most simple way to make a screenshot: having received on the screen the necessary text or a picture (in a considered case of a window with phrases of the suffered player and the player insulted it), it is necessary to press simultaneously buttons Ctrl and Print Screen. Now it is necessary to keep it in the form of a file. It is possible to use the most simple program for it - Paint which is in any version Windows. In the menu of editor Paint to choose Editing / insert (edit / insert). To keep with expansion *.jpg or *.gif.

Black and Red Spots, Spell of Silence

The Characters, who have broken the Rules of behavior in game, can be punished by the Black Spot, the Red Spot or Spell of Silence.

For the characters having the Black or Red Spots, the Mayoralty does not carry out surcharge in fights - in case of defeat of money for loss they pay all independently. Spotted characters cannot travel between cities, cannot participate in storms of Castles, cannot make purchases in Shop, Cannot buy images in Gallery or expose images on the tenders, cannot marry, and also at them does not increase IDW at visiting the Temple. At punishment by the Black Spot all IDW of the infringer is written off (at infringement of Rules of behavior in game there can not be a speech about any devotion to the World). At punishment by the Red Spot it is written off 200 IDW.

Black and Red Spots differs only validity. The red Spot is put on a total elapsed time (it depends on weight of infringement of Game rules), the Black Spot - timeless. The black Spot can be removed under the personal request of the wizard in the Mayoralty about carrying out of the Spell of Clearing. Thus at the character coins, lvls and things, including a wedding ring get all. The Wedding ring also gets at it spouse/spouses. For the character there is its name and statistics of fights, and also an image and a clan accessory if those at it were.
The spell of Clearing operates only on characters with BP> 0.

Spell of Silence put to those wizards who do not observe a rule of the World, rules of behavior in a chat and at a forum of the World. The character to whom it is applied Spell of Silence, cannot communicate neither in a chat, nor at forums, through internal game mail all time of action of punishment.
The characters, who have received the Spot or Spell of Silence, cannot enter Guilds. If they had a license at the moment of reception of the Spot or Spell of Silence it is cancelled.


At achievement 10 BP wizards can make an application on work in one of services of the World on following vacancies: the guard, the innkeeper, the chief-cook, the inspector of gallery, the inspector of a photo gallery, the journalist, the attendant of the Temple. The wizards having faultless reputation and a successful operational experience in one these services, can apply for vacancies: the judge, the younger librarian, the secretary of the Mayoralty.
Duties of employees and the salary:

The guard: to help to beginners to accustom to the World, answers the questions of inhabitants on game rules, supervision over order in a chat. Two weeks in a month the guard should bear service in Elair. The salary - 200 coins in a week.

The innkeeper: moderation hearings in the Tavern. The salary - 150 coins in a week, in Elair - 200 coins in a week.

The chief-cook: drawing up of the menu for the Tavern. The salary - 200 coins in a week.

The inspector of Gallery: moderation of the images acting in gallery. The salary - 200 coins in a week.

The inspector of a photo gallery: moderation of the expanded information and a photo of wizards. The salary - 150 coins in a week.

The journalist: a writing of clauses about events in the World for the newspaper Chronicle WiW ". The salary - 150 coins in a week.

The attendant of the Temple: carrying out of wedding ceremonies, a writing of sermons for the Temple. The salary of 100 coins in a week plus of 50 coins for each lead wedding.

The judge: consideration of claims from wizards of all Cities of the World and removal of the decision on punishments in case established facts Infringements of Rules of behavior in game. The salary - 400 coins in a week.

The younger librarian: moderation forums Ideas and offers ", " Dialogue of wizards ". The salary - 250 coins in a week. The secretary of the Mayoralty: answers to the questions acting in the Mayoralty. The salary - 450 coins in a week.
The employee of the Literary almanac ": moderation a forum Creativity of wizards ", selection of the best works of art of inhabitants of the World for rewarding. The salary - 250 coins in a week.

With requirements to candidates it is possible to familiarize in a building of the Mayoralty in "greater" cities. Here it is possible to fill the questionnaire for the device for work.


In an antiquity people showed the delight by means of applause. Applauses expressed approval by public of those or other actions of the sportsman acted on Arena, the orator or the actor. By means of applause it was possible to take even elementary voting: to who applauded more loudly and longer, that became the winner.

In the World of wizards it is possible too and it is necessary to applaud! Applause can be sent the wizards whom you liked in three nominations:

1. The master of arena - for the best fighter in mass battles of wizards with wizards on Arena;
2. A thunder-storm of monsters - for the best fighter in mass battles with monsters;
3. Soul of a chat - for the best participant of a chat, the wittiest, wise, sociable.

To vote for the best Master of arena it is possible right after group fight, chaos, double duel, fight of clans, an attack on city, an attack of the dark. For each wizard it is possible to vote only once a day.

For the best fighter in battles with monsters in a category the Thunder-storm of monsters it is possible to vote after a mass quest, a clan mass quest, storm of the castle, and an attack of monsters group on city, on the Tavern or a racial attack of monsters. For each wizard it is possible to vote only 1 time a day.

To applause to the wizard who, in your opinion, is soul of a chat, it is possible in its info while he is in one city with you. In a nomination of the Soul of a chat it is possible to vote only once a day.

The wizards, received the greatest quantity of applause, receive bonuses:

The Master of Arena for last day: increase in parameter Strength on 2 points for 1 day;
The Master of Arena for last month: increase the parameter Strength on 4 points for 1 month;
The Thunder-storm of monsters for last day: increase the parameter the Hit points on 6 points for 1 day;
The Thunder-storm of monsters for last month: increase the parameter the Hit points on 12 points for 1 month;
Soul of a chat for last day: increase the parameter Magic on 2 points for 1 day;
Soul of a chat for last month: increase the parameter Magic on 4 points on 1 month.


The Sacrament of wedding of couples is spent by Attendants of the Temple. Thus to spouses put on wedding rings which do not need to be repaired and it is impossible to remove (only at divorce). Cost of registration: 300 coins plus cost of wedding rings. Assortment of wedding rings. Sacraments are spent to any day as agreed with clerics. The application for carrying out of wedding ceremony is made out in the Temple. Characters cannot enter marriage with Spell of Silence, Black or Red Spots.

During 30 minutes after marriage, bride can throw the bunch of flowers to on of her unmarried girlfriends, who is present at a wedding i.e. is in the chat where the wedding takes place. They say, the bunch of flowers brings luck and happiness and a girl who caught it should be the next bride.

To dissolve a marriage you should send an application in the Mayoralty. At list one of spouses should do it. Cost of divorce is 300 coins.


Ranks of the character depend on its Battle Potential (BP) and attitudes of quantity of victories over real opponents, not bots (these are shadows, spirits and monsters) to quantity of all defeats, including defeats from bots.


Wizards, who have bought the license of the Master, can make goods from resources by the use of magic of transformation in Workshops.

Wizards, who have bought the license of the Stormer, can initiate the beginning of storm of the castles. Wizards can buy licenses, since 5th BP if they do not have other work in the city. The license works only in that city in which it has been bought.

The basic requirements for handicraftsmen - diligence, patience and time. It means that more craftsman produce good and needed goods, more quickly his handicraft grows and it becomes easier for him to make different things. Abilities on different levels of handicraft differ a lot: the variety of things accessible to manufacture varies and speed of their manufacture varies too. Skill level rises in process of growth of quantity of points of experience of skill. Experience points are received by manufacture of things.

Creating things, scrolls and potions, the wizard gains professional experience and gains skill points according to the following table:

The thing 0 lvl = 30 points of skill
The thing 1 lvl = 70 points of skill
The thing 2 lvl = 120 points of skill
The thing 3 lvl = 180 points of skill
The thing 4 lvl = 250 points of skill
The thing 5 lvl = 330 points of skill
The thing 6 lvl = 420 points of skill
The thing 7 lvl = 620 points of skill
The thing 8 lvl = 760 points of skill
The thing 10 lvl = 1100 points of skill
The thing 11 lvl = 1310 points of skill
The thing 12 lvl = 1550 points of skill
The thing 13 lvl = 1820 points of skill

The scroll or a potion in cost 1-4 WWM gives 1 point of skill
The scroll or a potion in cost 5-9 WWM - 4 points of skill
The scroll or a potion in cost 10-19 WWM - 10 points of skill
The scroll or a potion in cost 20-50 WWM - 25 points of skill
The scroll or a potion in cost more than 50 WWM - 60 points of skill

Process of creation of things, scrolls and potions proceeds only when the handicraftsman is in a city where he has bought the license, and personally watches the process of creation of a new small miracle. As soon as the handicraftsman leaves a city or leaves the World, manufacture stops.

The author of the translation is Green_Heart.
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